Democrats May Regret Their Legal War on Trump


Democrats' legal battles against former President Donald Trump, particularly spearheaded by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, could have significant political repercussions. This unprecedented use of the justice system has raised questions about its impact on the 2024 presidential election and broader democratic principles.

Bragg's case against Trump centers on allegations of falsifying business records to conceal hush money payments, a move intended to influence the 2016 presidential election. The charges were initially classified as misdemeanors but were elevated to felonies, suggesting Trump attempted to hide another crime, possibly violating campaign finance laws. However, the indictment's vagueness and the judge's handling of the case have sparked considerable controversy​.

Critics argue that Bragg’s prosecution is politically motivated. The trial judge, Juan Merchan, has faced scrutiny for his perceived bias, including connections to Democratic causes. This perception is bolstered by Merchan’s past donations to Democratic campaigns and his daughter’s involvement in political consulting for Democrats​. Such factors have led many to question the impartiality of the trial and its broader implications for justice in America.

Prominent voices across the political spectrum, including some of Trump's critics, have expressed skepticism about the case's merits. Senator Mitt Romney, who has been a vocal critic of Trump, described the charges as an overreach that sets a dangerous precedent.

Other Republicans, such as Representative Nancy Mace, have echoed this sentiment, warning that the prosecution risks making Trump a political martyr and eroding public trust in the justice system​​.

The legal strategy employed against Trump could backfire on Democrats. The prosecution has invigorated Trump’s base and prompted concerns about the misuse of judicial power for political gains. This dynamic might bolster Trump’s standing among his supporters and contribute to a narrative of political victimization, potentially influencing voter sentiment ahead of the 2024 election​​.

Historically, the American justice system has been admired for its impartiality and adherence to due process. The perception that legal actions are being weaponized against political opponents undermines this reputation and aligns the U.S. with nations where such practices are commonplace. This development could have long-term implications for the integrity of democratic institutions and the rule of law in America​.

The Democrats' legal actions against Donald Trump, particularly in Alvin Bragg’s case, have stirred significant controversy and skepticism. The potential political and judicial ramifications of this unprecedented prosecution could reshape the landscape of American politics and influence the 2024 presidential race. As legal battles continue, the debate over the use of the justice system in political conflicts remains a critical issue for the nation’s democratic principles.


  1. this case was a joke to begin with. the statute of limitations had run out. Bragg used legal manipulation to make it timely. he then said there was another underlying crime, which never was revealed. the FEC said there was no crime. they refused to pursue. but Soros wanted Bragg to do it anyway, so he had Colangelo resign from his six figure job to take it on in a lowly STATE court which had no authority to handle a FEDERAL investigation. period. then they “drew” the same judge who had handled the trump prior cases to oversee this one. the same judge who donated to Biden and to the STOP THE REPUBLICANS pac. his daughter has made 93 million from dems trying to be re-elected. hey folks, nothing to see here, it is all on the up and up. RIGHT. with those odds of randomly getting the same judge three or more times in a row???? astronomical odds at that. this judge was removed once, then given “acting” status. why? GEORGE SOROS. plain and simple. he wants AMERICA to be a communist country and has worked overtime paying for crooked da’s, judges, prosecutors throughout this land. what a travesty of justice. definitely a two tiered system. hunter gets tried in Delaware, by democrats every one, and is guilty. joey said he wouldn’t PARDON hunter, but he did not say he wouldnt COMMUTE his sentences to keep him from sharing a cell with BIG BUBBA. not to say I told you so, but watch and see.


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