Democrats Plotting to Swap Pelosi Out for Radical Leftist Hakeem Jeffries

"2015-02-25 WDC _315" by Edward Kimmel

According to reports from Politico, New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, known for his radical opinions, met with South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn early in September.

They met with the purpose of discussing Jeffries’ taking leadership from current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It seems Clyburn himself is in favor of the change, claiming he will always be in support of “up-and-coming young Democrats,” adding he sees Jeffries as one.

“Nancy Pelosi” by Gage Skidmore

The ole’ switcheroo

Seeing as they’re slated to lose the midterms, this wasn’t unexpected from Democrats. Even though Jeffries is currently only the 5th ranking Democrat at the moment, he’s positioned himself as a successor to Pelosi.

The two are colleagues at the Congressional Black Caucus. It’s highly likely that Jeffries’ only motivation was making sure that Clyburn doesn’t vie for the minority leadership role, while also garnering his support against California Rep. Adam Schiff.

With this, Clyburn’s support would practically secure Jeffries’ position as the first black lawmaker in the role of a congressional leader, a feat that is bound to please the woke crowd.

Two months ago in September, Jeffries issued a public statement claiming that Republicans, specifically MAGA agenda supporters, don’t believe in democracy anymore, despite there clearly being more of it on the right side of the political spectrum at the moment.

Dems convinced they’re keeping majority of House seats post-midterms

As for Pelosi, she didn’t clarify whether she will attempt to retain her leadership role or not, regardless of whether Democrats are the majority or minority when it comes to House seats.

Much like the rest of her out-of-touch fellow Democrats, she remains of the opinion that control of the House will still be in Democrats’ hands by the end of the midterm elections, which is little more than wishful thinking this late into the game.

Hilariously enough, other members of the Congressional Black Caucus are going on record and claiming Jeffries, who is 52 years old, brings old-school politics to the table while also being able to relate to young people.

If we’re going off that, Biden’s recent behavior is clearly part of some late-onset mid-life crisis, seeing as he’s only 27 years older than Jeffries, who is apparently a “young” man, at least according to the deranged Democrats supporting him.

Unfortunately, the amount of support for Jeffries’ far-left politics is embarrassingly high and there’s no telling what direction we’ll be headed once he inevitably takes over.

We thought Pelosi was bad, but Jeffries is bound to set a new standard for woke nonsense, especially considering he’s capitalizing on all the connections and fundraising Adam Schiff has done.

It looks like Democrats are gearing up for 2024, as things definitely don’t look good with the current lineup.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.