Democrats Squabble Over Giving Americans “Free” Money

“Free” stuff is all the rage with the Democrat Party. Every candidate who is presently running to win their party’s nomination and challenge President Trump is offering “free” something, whether it’s “free” healthcare, “free” college, or in the case of 2020 hopeful Andrew Yang, “free” money.

The dirty little secret that Democrats won’t let their voters know is that nothing in life is free; one way or another, someone always foots the bill and, nine times out of ten, that ‘someone’ turns out to be the American taxpayers.

In Yang’s attempt to secure his party’s nomination, he wants to provide a “universal basic income” which would automatically give American citizens $1,000 per month. Breitbart News reports Yang’s claims that this monthly sum would supposedly improve communities and grow businesses. Interestingly enough, Yang is facing criticism from Bernie Sanders who disagrees with the idea of providing Americans with a “free” $1,000 per month.

What You Need to Know about Yang vs. Sanders

In a fascinating turn of events, Sanders opposes Yang’s universal basic income policy because he maintains that “people want to work.” Many people in this country DO want to work, but it’s actually shocking to hear that in light of Sanders’ support for socialism and policies which would actually hurt working people.

Nevertheless, Sanders issued the following statements in regards to Yang and universal basic income:

“The challenge that we face is how do we use technology to improve the lives of working people. So if you have a really terrible job, a boring job and we make your job better and we enable you to work 20 hours a week rather than 40 hours a week, it’s not a bad thing.
It means to say you still need an income to live by, we can’t cut your salaries in half. We take a very different approach from Mr. Yang and that is, I believe, in a jobs guarantee.”

Policy Contradictions

Sanders may be claiming that he opposes Yang’s policies because Americans want to work, but Sanders is no ally to working people either. On multiple occasions, he has articulated his support for raising the minimum wage, something which has been repeatedly linked to fewer hours, higher market prices, and job layoffs.

What’s important for Americans to bear in mind is that neither Bernie Sanders or Andrew Yang are going to aid the working men and women of this great nation; their policies each cause harm in unique ways.

What are your thoughts on Andrew Yang’s proposal to give Americans a “free” $1,000 per month? Let us know your takeaways in the comments section below!