Democrats Take Knockout Punch in Arizona Senate Debate

With the midterm elections only a month away, races are heating up across the country. This includes races for the all-important US Senate, where the balance of power could go either way at this point.

In Arizona, a recent debate showcased just how unprepared Democrats are for the red wave that’s headed their way.

It featured Mark Kelly for the Democrats, Blake Masters for the GOP, and a libertarian clown by the name of Marc Victor.

Masters Delivers Knockout Punch

The debate on October 6 was the first between Kelly, Masters, and Victor. It was broadcast live, although the audience was small.

Nonetheless, this debate is generating some national headlines because of how hard Masters took down Kelly and the bizarre statements from Victor.

One thing that is common in debates is one side always ends up standing out more than another. In some cases, certain candidates are knocked out by their own incompetence being displayed loud and clear for everyone to see.

On the one hand, we have Kelly, who, when talking about the issue of borders, which is a crucial problem in Arizona, shied away in a subtle way. He claims he’s doing a lot to help out and at the same time acts like Biden is very committed to this issue.

Nobody’s really buying it. Masters made it clear his statements weren’t landing. Kelly is running for Arizona; he knows there’s a border crisis he has failed to fix while in the Senate.

He also knows Biden isn’t handling it. Claiming that he, Mark Kelly, is fixing the border doesn’t convince anyone, even in his own party.

Master took advantage of the situation and recalled Kelly voted in favor of an amendment that literally helped criminals and illegal immigrants lessen their consequences. Knockout punch: delivered.

Kelly’s in Trouble

It’s hard to see Kelly actually getting re-elected here, despite his advantage as an incumbent. Biden is not well-viewed and clearly doesn’t have the support of people in Arizona.

Masters most certainly won this debate, showing Kelly backed up weakening our border and preferred hiring new IRS agents to border agents.

Higher taxes and more open borders? That sounds like a George Soros agenda and Arizonans aren’t going for it by any means.

As for the libertarian clown Victor, he went on about bizarre subjects, claiming the age of consent should be “up for a vote” and harping on the usual subject of drug legalization.

Kelly came across as incompetent and wrong. Victor came across as deluded and juvenile. Masters came across as mature and correct.

I think we can see who’s going to win this midterm in Arizona; although the GOP should never become complacent in the face of the Democrat machine and its big purses of cash.

The Bottom Line

This debate is almost embarrassing to watch. Are Kelly and Victor seriously the best opposition to Masters that the Grand Canyon State can muster?

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.