Democrats Tease Potential Compromise with GOP on Infrastructure Bill

"West Virginia National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

“Compromise” and “Democrats” are rarely two words used in the same sentence. Since assuming the majority in Congress, Democrats have proven that power is their ultimate goal.

“West Virginia National Guard” (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

The left demonstrated this when they forced through the expensive American Rescue Plan without a single GOP vote. Democrats are also in the middle of passing a bill for D.C. statehood and the For the People Act; the left wants to do this despite knowing that not a single Republican in Congress backs the aforementioned unconstitutional and radical legislation.

However, new reports from Newsmax confirm that Democrats are hinting at a possible compromise with the GOP on infrastructure.

Is Bipartisanship Possible on Infrastructure?

Democrats have already introduced a package on infrastructure.

The only issue is that more than nine in ten matters on the bill have absolutely no connection to infrastructure whatsoever. Democrats know this; however, they’re using infrastructure as a guise to pass extreme legislation. This is why the left last month started the process of redefining what infrastructure means and entails.

Last month, a White House aide told the press that “a little more time” exists for negotiations on infrastructure. Furthermore, President Biden has spoken with Republicans who presented an alternative to the Democrats’ so-called infrastructure spending bill.

Senate Democrats, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and other leftists have maintained discussions with Republicans on infrastructure. Whether or not these talks result in a bipartisan bill will ultimately be revealed in time.

Why the Change in Attitude from the Biden Administration?

Up until this point, the Biden administration has had no issue with forcing through their bills whether the GOP likes it or not. However, new reports indicate that as the midterms get closer, the Biden administration wants at least one show of bipartisanship under its belt.

Many conservatives are skeptical that Democrats will seriously take on a bipartisan infrastructure package. Doing this would mark a significant deviation from the actions and behaviors Democrats have displayed thus far.

Nevertheless, it remains highly plausible that Democrats are concerned about losing their current congressional majorities. This could explain the sudden change in attitude as it pertains to working with Republicans.

Do you believe the Democrat Party will seriously compromise with the Republican Party on a bipartisan infrastructure bill? Let us know what you think the next steps will be down below in the comments section.