Democrats Under Fire for Putting Teachers’ Unions Ahead of Children

"The Clouds are Clearing" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by AGrinberg

At this point in time, the science regarding the safety of reopening schools is pretty clear-cut.

The CDC came out weeks ago, stating that schools are not a place of transmission and giving the green light for children and teachers to return. However, in spite of the Democrats screaming that everyone should listen to the science, they are failing to take their own advice.

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Biden, Harris, and other top Democrats continue to provide lip service about children getting back into schools; yet, at the end of the day, they’re intentionally holding up this process for political reasons.

Now, Republicans are beginning to call out the left’s hypocrisy and decision to put children’s needs below the agendas of leftist teachers’ unions, per Newsmax.

The Need to Get Children Back into Classrooms

Over the weekend, GOP Rep. Dan Bishop spoke to NewsmaxTV about the need to get children back into classrooms. The North Carolina Republican explained that congressional Democrats have to cease the “lip service” they’re peddling about returns to school.

Bishop ultimately revealed that Democrats are dragging their feet with getting kids back into schools because teachers’ unions aren’t on board. Despite the CDC’s approval for children’s returns to classrooms, teachers’ unions have rallied against it.

Democrats, rather than following the science and centering policy around the needs of children, are instead more focused on the teachers’ unions. After stating that parents at local levels should push for schools to reopen, Rep. Bishop told NewsmaxTV that action on this matter is “inevitable.”

Pushback from Other Republicans

GOP Sen. Tim Scott has also called out Democrats for pretending to care about the poor while simultaneously prioritizing teachers’ unions over children.

Scott explained last week that the children most harmed by shuttered classrooms and schools are poor children. Likewise, children whose parents lack the necessary resources for online learning are in severe danger of falling behind and missing out on critical means of development.

Democrats, despite these details, appear bound and determined to drag their feet for as long as possible. The issue of how Democrats have put teachers’ unions ahead of children’s education will undoubtedly come up during next year’s midterm congressional races.

Do you believe Democrats are putting teachers’ unions ahead of the social and educational needs of America’s children? Is the Democrat Party following the science? Let us know what you think down below in the comments section.