Democrats Unleash a Drastic Plan to Encourage Abortion

The Supreme Court is likely to announce its verdict in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which will restrict abortion access significantly.

However, Senate Democrats have unleashed a drastic plan which will encourage abortion, even after the Supreme Court’s verdict.

Democrats Want Biden’s Executive Order to Protect Abortion

25 Democratic senators, including Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, wrote a letter to Biden, encouraging him to go all-out to promote abortion access in the country. 

The senators wrote every American has the responsibility to stand up against the “unprecedented assault” on their right to control their own bodies.

In order to protect these rights for Americans, the senators recommended Biden use all the resources available at his disposal.

Even though pro-abortion violence has penetrated the country in recent weeks, the senators stated “anti-abortion violence” is on the rise, which has made the lives of abortion providers miserable.

Thus, the letter mentioned “Republican extremists” have radically campaigned to push the Supreme Court into the current position where it has to overturn abortion rights.

In their bid to restrict abortion, pro-life politicians have introduced almost 550 restrictions in 42 states, coupled with their attempt to penalize any medical center providing abortion, as per the senators.

As the liberal senators tried to pursue Biden, they also relied on many lies.

According to the letter, the overturning of Roe vs. Wade case will help Republicans impose a nationwide ban on abortion, which is certainly an incorrect assertion. 

Democrats Need Taxpayers’ Money to Achieve Political Agenda

The senators want Biden to mobilize the full machinery of the federal government to protect abortion so liberal politicians get a talking point for the midterm elections.

For instance, Democrats want Biden to empower federal agencies, which will eventually increase access to medical abortions.


One of the most drastic recommendations is to fund the trips, childcare services, and other support for people who do not have abortion access in their home states.

This way, people from red states will be funded to travel to blue states to perform the abortion.

Democratic senators also want Biden to transform the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) by creating the office of the reproductive health ombudsman. 

By doing this, they want the ombudsman to educate the masses about their so-called reproductive health rights.  

Not only this, but the federal buildings would be used to provide abortion services, especially in red states where abortion would be illegal.

The Department of Defense is also likely to assist military personnel in doing abortions if Biden accepts the proposal of Democratic senators.

Thus, senators asked Biden to advise the head of every single federal agency to come up with viable plans in order to protect abortion rights.

If this proposal is accepted by the president, many federal agencies, which have nothing to do with reproductive health, will be tasked with empowering the liberal narrative of promoting abortion.

This means the taxpayers’ money, which is used to regulate federal agencies, will be used to achieve this political agenda.