Democrats Walking Away From Crucial House Races

There’s less than a month before the midterm elections; political parties are pouring funding and time into many races.

Polling in the last few months has shown an increase for the Democrats and put a damper on the idea of a huge red wave, but that red wave is now making a reappearance.

It looks increasingly likely the GOP could seize control of the Senate. Democratic House candidates are being abandoned in the field.

Here’s why…

Democrats Are Low on Cash

The Democrats are low on money and being greatly outspent right now by the GOP. The party says some House candidates may just be beyond their reach to fund right now.

This includes a number of races they could possibly win if they had more outreach and focus, but the Democrats likely will have to leave to wither and lose.

This is not something Nancy Pelosi is admitting by any means. She recently went on a late-night liberal show with former funnyman Stephen Colbert to say her party is doing great and will keep the House with no trouble.

This is just not true when you look on the ground and on the airwaves, where Republicans are airing way more ads and Democrats are going down in the polls.

With thin margins in many House races, the lack of available cash could lead to the GOP gaining a significant lead in the House. Of course, this situation could be used by Democrats to hit the panic button and try to fundraise more here in the final three weeks.

This looks a lot more like an unpopular and disorganized party led by a highly unpopular president who is dragging down the national landscape with him and going to lose a lot of races, both incumbent and non-incumbent.

Remember 2020?

In 2020, Democrats were way too confident and thought they were safe in almost all their House seats. However, the GOP won 13 Democrat seats, despite Biden winning the presidency.

Democrats are a party built on overconfidence and bluster. You can see that even with the way Joe Biden came into office, making all sorts of false and grand promises about unity and peace.

This problem of funding is partly accurate, but it’s also going to make a good scapegoat for the Democrats if they lose badly.

They can say they were just outworked at the grassroots level, instead of admitting they are increasingly unpopular because of their awful economic and foreign policy decisions, as well as the man who leads them.

The Bottom Line

The red wave is coming and, whether they want to admit it or not, the Democrats know this red wave is on its way. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.