Dems Voted Against Declaring Pregnancy Unique to Biological Females

All Senate Democrats and Bernie Sanders, who is an independent socialist senator, voted against an amendment in the Inflation Reduction Act to define pregnancy as a medical condition unique to biological females.

By proposing amendments in the bill, Republican lawmakers intentionally pushed Democrats to take sides on controversial issues to expose their hypocrisy on a variety of matters.

Democrats Declined to Accept Proven Scientific Evidence 

During the night-long session of vote-a-rama, in which senators were allowed to offer infinite amendments to the Inflation Reduction Act, Senator Marco Rubio proposed the amendment to define pregnancy as exclusive to females.

According to Rubio’s amendment, only biological females are capable of being pregnant; so federal pregnancy programs should only be limited to them.

Rubio further stated that he looked into the 5,500 years of history and found out every human being who ever got pregnant was a biological female. So, American federal pregnancy programs should also reflect the scientific and historical evidence. 

When the voting started on the amendment, all 50 Republican senators voted in favor of the amendment, while all 50 Democrats opposed it. Vice President Kamala Harris also voted against the amendment with her tie-breaker vote.

While criticizing the amendment on her party’s behalf, Democratic Senator Patty Murray accused Republicans of undermining the Inflation Reduction Act by introducing such contentious amendments in the bill.

Likewise, Murray took aim at different red states that are banning abortion access in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade verdict.

She also asserted Republicans should not talk about pregnancy at a time when they are forcing women to remain pregnant, irrespective of their medical conditions.

Republicans Exposed Senate Democrats’ Hypocrisy

Seeing the composition of the Senate, Republican lawmakers knew most of their amendments would be ruled out by Senate Democrats.

However, the GOP forced liberal lawmakers to take sides on controversial issues so voters could hold them accountable in the upcoming November elections.

As all 50 Democrats voted to pass the Inflation Reduction Act, the bill has now moved to the House, where it is expected to be passed on Friday. Though this is not the first time liberal politicians are claiming that individuals who are not females can get pregnant.

Recently, Republican Senator Ron Johnson claimed only women could get pregnant, but his Democratic opponents refused to comment on this issue. 

Johnson was responding to Senator Josh Hawley’s heated conversation with a University professor, Kiara Bridges. When Hawley complained about Bridges’ statement, “people with a capacity for pregnancy,” Bridges called him “transphobic.”

Hawley grilled the professor, claiming no one except women can get pregnant, but Bridges established even nonbinary and nonconforming genders could get pregnant.

Responding to this, Hawley slammed Democrats for lying to people about the scientific evidence just to get political mileage. According to Hawley, “God Bless” women for getting pregnant because we need to “populate our Earth.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.