Deranged Leftist Threatens GOP Lawmaker: “I’ll Shoot Your F**king Head Off!”

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The Democrat Party officially went off the deep end in 2016 after the defeat of Hillary Clinton; thus far, they have yet to regain even an iota of sanity. Over the course of President Trump’s time in office, leftists have increased their divisive rhetoric, threats, and outright violence against conservatives, Republicans, and Trump supporters.

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64-year-old Illinois Army veteran Randall Tarr is currently facing charges after threatening to execute Republican Rep. Rodney Davis. Washington Examiner reports that Tarr called Davis’ office and left menacing voicemails where he expressed an interest in shooting Davis’ head off.

Needless to say, making these types of threats is illegal, especially when they’re directed towards an elected official.

A Closer Review of the Threats Against Rodney Davis

The threats against the House representative came after Tarr viewed Davis’ political commercials in late November. Apparently, these commercials enraged Tarr, who accused the GOP lawmaker of “backing the Russians” in his threatening voicemail.

The Army veteran additionally noted his military service, before accusing Davis of supporting the Russian government over America’s “own intelligence.”

Growing notably angrier and more hostile in his voicemail, Tarr then declared that he wouldn’t vote for Davis again and stated that he shouldn’t support “the Russians” over U.S. military. Finally, Tarr’s threat came when he noted his sharpshooting abilities and stated that he’d like to “shoot [Davis’] f**ing head off.”

This unhinged rant resulted in Randall Tarr being taken into custody by law enforcement and hit with federal court charges of threatening a federal official and communicating threats to injure.

Holding the Left Accountable

When you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. In life, actions have consequences, particularly when those actions involve issuing threats against elected lawmakers. In the wake of his legal woes, Tarr expressed regret, stating that he “didn’t realize” he threatened Davis.

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Randall Tarr isn’t the first person to engage in this type of behavior against conservatives and he, unfortunately, won’t be the last. Thus far, Democrats have yet to come out and condemn the threats against Rep. Rodney Davis; furthermore, the mainstream media has yet to even cover this story.

Still, if a Trump supporter were to call the office of a progressive and leave threatening messages of this nature, the story would be blasted across headlines within minutes.

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