DeSantis Backs Up Ted Cruz Against Covid Vaccines

"Doctor or Nurse Wearing Medical Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Against The Flag Of USA" by is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The governor of Florida, and conservative heavyweight, Ron DeSantis said again that he would refuse to embrace the so-called vaccine passports. 

“DF vacinou 61% do público-alvo contra gripe até agora” by Agência Brasília is licensed under CC BY 2.0

DeSantis emphasized that he would enforce Florida law; this comes in reference to a bill he signed earlier this month. In this bill, vaccine passport systems for air travel and cruise ship operations in and out of Florida are not permitted.

He added that operators who require a vaccine passport would be breaking state law. DeSantis then pointed out that you cannot pass laws and then not enforce them against massive corporations. He added that the CDC has no right to shut down cruise operations as they had done last year.

Ted Cruz Introduces Bill Banning Coronavirus Passport

Three GOP lawmakers (Ted Cruz, Mike Braun, and Cynthia Lummis), submitted a new bill to restrict the government from creating a coronavirus vaccine passport on the basis of a person’s immunization status.

American citizens should not be discriminated against because of their immunization status, Ted Cruz said. The proposed bill prevents the government from working with third parties to create immunization passports. 

Senator Cynthia Lummis appointed out that the government has no business revealing the private health information of American citizens. She reinforced that it is her duty as a senator to protect citizens’ privacy rights, adding that it’s what the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is all about.

It’s Time to Wnd Lockdowns

Hard lockdowns, vaccine passports, mask-wearing outdoors, these draconian restrictions need to be a thing of the past.

At first, one can understand the governments needed to take extreme measures to prevent an unknown virus. However now, with death rates as low as they are, there is no need for state governments to keep up the heavy-handed restrictions.

In some places, there have been serious human rights violations. Melbourne, Australia saw one of the more horrifically scary examples of government overreach in a westernized nation.

A pregnant woman found herself being arrested for sharing a post online that questioned the need for strict lockdowns. Another woman with a child was brutally assaulted and arrested on the street for holding a sign in protest of the lockdown.

In South Africa, we saw one of the most strict lockdowns in the world. Here the SANDF (South African defense force) was fully mobilized and all of the countries front-line combat divisions, including armor divisions, were deployed to the streets for a three-month period.

During this period all nonessential businesses were shut, home visits were banned, permits were needed for travel beyond the local grocery store. On top of that, curfews were in place from early evening to late morning; anyone caught out without a valid reason, was arrested and fined.