DeSantis Critic Pleads Guilty to Multiple Criminal Charges

Within the past several years, Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has seen a steady rise to political prominence. To this day, he is leading former President Trump in multiple 2024 polls and many conservatives would like to see DeSantis announce a 2024 presidential campaign.

DeSantis’ leadership in Florida attracted hundreds of thousands of new people to the state. As such, the Florida Republican Party now has 300,000+ more registered voters on the books than Democrats.

This played a role in DeSantis having a blowout reelection win just last month. Though in spite of the Florida governor’s rising stock and popularity, he’s still got his critics, notably on the left wing.

However, it turns out that one of DeSantis’ top critics, Rebekah Jones, now has bigger fish to fry in the form of legal issues, per Hot Air.

Major Problems Ahead For Jones

Things are not looking good for Jones at the moment. She recently took a plea deal, admitting to a felony involving unlawful access to the Florida Health Department’s computer system.

On top of accessing this system, Jones also illegally retrieved some of its stored data.

Because of the plea deal Jones took, she is now mandated to pay a $20,000 fine to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement via monthly installments. This comes on top of additional requirements for Jones to work community service and sit down with a mental health professional.

Finally, Jones also has to steer clear of any future arrests as part of the plea deal she agreed to.

A Win for DeSantis

Before Jones’ legal issues, she was using her platform as a Florida Health Department employee to attack DeSantis. She even went so far as to say the Florida governor was intentionally concealing numbers regarding COVID deaths in the state.

Thus far, there’s been no public comment from DeSantis about Jones’ legal issues; though the situation speaks for itself.

While Jones has to make sure she abides by her plea deal agreements, DeSantis is focused on continuing to lead Florida. Ironically, his COVID policy of not shutting everything down is what attracted so many new residents to the state in the first place.

Jones is not the first person to go after the Florida governor and she won’t be the last. This is especially going to be the case if and when DeSantis decides to run for president.

In the weeks and months ahead, Americans can expect to learn more information about how Jones’ plea deal is coming along.

What do you think about one of DeSantis’ top critics now being embroiled in a serious crime scandal? Down below in the comments area, please feel more than welcome to sound off and weigh in with your feedback.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.