DeSantis Drops the Hammer on Filth Books Found in Florida Schools

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a favorite bad guy of the left for years now. His decision to keep Florida mostly open during the pandemic and resist mask and vaccine mandates made him stand out.

Then, there was his resistance to the woke agenda and preventing companies like Disney from getting tax breaks from the state of Florida while brainwashing kids with gender-bending ideology.

The woke left is furious with DeSantis because he sees their ideology for what it is and recognizes the damage it is doing to our kids and families.

The New Attacks Against DeSantis

Whereas in recent months, DeSantis has been especially under fire for supposedly trying to hide knowledge from Florida students and ban books that he and his administration don’t like.

The left has even accused DeSantis of trying to strip African American studies from the state curriculum, a charge which is completely untrue.

Now, DeSantis is showing the truth about what’s happening and recently unveiled some of the pornographic filth found in Florida public school libraries, including elementary schools.

DeSantis Unveils the Truth

Speaking in a press conference and showing the kind of books he’d found in public schools, DeSantis unveiled the truth about the lies against him.

He’s not blocking access to knowledge or stifling young minds; he’s trying to protect them from adult content and books about subjects that aren’t relevant or necessary to young minds.

This includes books he showed at the press conference like “Gender Queer,” which shows a young girl pleasuring herself and orally pleasuring another young girl.

Another book found in schools and removed called “Flamer” writes about a young boy who identifies as gay doing gay sex acts with another young boy.

Another called “Let’s Talk About It” shows how to enjoy anal sex and talks about various sex acts like masturbation.

Other books by Rupi Kaur encouraged kids to masturbate and said it’s a form of “meditation,” as well as describing the pleasure of oral sex.

As DeSantis said, this isn’t education, it’s “porn.” This shouldn’t be “thrust” at eight and nine-year-olds, DeSantis said.

Books Are in Violation of Florida’s Rules

Regardless of your opinion about these kinds of books, they are in “violation” of Florida’s curriculum and rules for inclusion in school libraries.

As DeSantis’ press secretary Bryan Griffin noted, the press conference had to be censored while being shown on TV, due to the graphic content.

If the content wasn’t allowed on American public broadcast uncensored, then why should it be in the faces of young kids in Florida schools? People have had enough of leftist lies. These books were in Florida schools and they should not have been.

DeSantis did a good thing in getting them out of there and in giving this press conference exposing these lies.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.