DeSantis Encourages Republicans To Be Battle-Ready

Governor Ron DeSantis encouraged the Florida GOP to prepare for the coming battle of the 2022 midterms on Saturday, saying he has only just begun to fight. 

After a day of discussions and addresses from Florida politicians and prominent conservatives, the Florida governor addressed the Victory Dinner of the Sunshine Summit.

He drew the attention of Republicans to Florida’s most pressing problems in recent years, including COVID, the immigration crisis, critical race theory, gender dogma, and rising prices. 

Pure Determination and Fortitude

DeSantis stated Florida confronted each of these challenges head-on.

However, he cautioned politicians that leftist activists and the media are attempting to cloud waterways and create a whirlwind of misinformation to distract the public from the genuine situation. 

He stated that in these times, it is not enough to be clear on the problems.

Since there is no alternative to fortitude in these times, you must have the strength of your convictions to be brave enough to stand up against the media.

He added, “You must have the fortitude to oppose the awakened rabble. You must have the guts to stand against the Brandon government.” 

The governor feels favorable conditions exist for Republicans. 

Even non-Republicans and Democrats perceive the impact of Biden’s policies in their lives. Consequently, they are dissatisfied.

Hence, the Republican Party has an opportunity to develop a big coalition in the state of Florida. DeSantis believes it is available for the taking. 

Additionally, he emphasized they must be prepared to fight. Consequently, they should don the complete armor of God. 

DeSantis assured the jubilant crowd they were only warming up, that he had just begun fighting. He is standing his ground, making a distinction all the way to the end.

He does not doubt, with the aid of the people and the support of everyone else, Republicans will keep the state of Florida free come November. 

Leftist Media

The Florida Republican Party already decided the state’s election year conference would be “by invitation only” for the media. 

DeSantis told a crowded room on Saturday morning that he would not allow the left-leaning media to ask their primary contenders a series of trap questions. 

The event was open to reporters from publications such as The Washington Free Beacon, The Daily Wire, Florida’s Voice, and Americano Media.

Matt Dixon of Politico published a confidential press list for the event, prompting outrage from reporters who were not welcomed, yet planned to attend. 

Dave Abrams, a spokesman for the campaign, found it amusing that the same reporters who were indifferent at the Sunshine Summit were packed in a corner next to the door, hoping to catch a glimpse. 

He said they aren’t worried about the temper tantrums because it shows they never thought about fair coverage.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.