DeSantis Endorses Legislation To Gain Control Over Disney Land

Walt Disney World’s ambitions to maintain its autonomy over the Reedy Creek Development District in the Sunshine State are likely to be thwarted. A measure that was submitted on Friday and is poised to be passed by the Florida legislature would see to its end.

Per a notification placed on the site of Osceola County, which splits Disney World land issues with Orange County, the law would supplant the media titan’s decades-old self-governance authority with a state-run board, as reported by Fox News.

No Disney Government

The new law is supported by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, whose protracted conflict with the “woke” firm has garnered nearly permanent national attention.

As per insiders within the governor’s department, DeSantis would select the board members. Taryn Fenske, communications director for DeSantis, told Fox News that the company monarchy had been put to rest.

Under the pending bill, Disney will no longer run under its own authority; it will be subject to the same laws as everyone else; it will be liable for its existing obligations; and it will pay its fair amount of taxes.

She stated that the imposition of a state-controlled board would also prevent Orange County from using this issue as an excuse to increase taxes on Orange County residents.

Disney would be required to pay upwards of $700 million in outstanding debt amassed by Reedy Creek rather than passing the responsibility to Orange County taxpayers under the proposed law.

In April, DeSantis removed Disney from its self-governance prestige, a privilege the company had enjoyed for 55 years after he and erstwhile Disney CEO Bob Chapek clashed over the governor’s “Parental Rights in Education” bill.

This prohibited the discourse of sexual gender identity fluidity in grades K – 3.

Last month, it was rumored that state legislators were attempting to overturn the unpopular decision and collaborate with Iger to settle the cultural warfare following the ouster of Chapek from the firm and the reinstatement of his predecessor, Bob Iger, as CEO.

It appears that Disney and the Legislature are motivated to reach an agreement. No one desires a train disaster.

No One is Above The Law

With the current notification, however, it appears that the Disney locomotive has already derailed. Per a statement sent to Fox News by a DeSantis official, the brave governor never backed down.

Governor DeSantis, according to the spokesperson, does not do U-turns. The governor was correct to advocate reducing the exceptional Reedy Creek Improvement District advantage granted to one corporation.

Adrian Lukis, the former chief of staff for DeSantis, told the site that it was an issue of keeping commitments.

Lukis stated that the governor is carrying out his promises to the letter. Disney can no more have its own governance and taxation power, and Disney — not taxpayers — must bear the financial penalties.

He went on to say that while this would be difficult for Disney, he anticipates companies around the state will be pleased with their governor for making it plain he does not care who you are or how mega-wealthy you may be.

In Florida, no one receives special treatment.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.