DeSantis Mocks The View, Makes Big Announcement

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a top target of the left for years now. He has emerged as the most popular conservative, aside from Donald Trump.

His popularity stems mainly from the stand he took against lockdowns and mandates during COVID, but he’s kept up his high profile since that time with constant big moves against the far left.

DeSantis’ latest headline-making moment was when his office turned down an invite to the far left, Holocaust-minimizing show “The View” by pointing out their massive bias against him and against conservatives.

Following on the heels of that, DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw also let the world know the governor has a huge announcement coming out that would rattle liberal minds.

Well, the announcement is now out…

DeSantis Makes Announcement

…No, not for president. Not yet, anyway! DeSantis’ announcement, instead, was about his suspension of Tampa state attorney Andrew Warren for failing to uphold state law regarding abortion.

Florida’s legislature and DeSantis have made it crystal clear what the law is on abortion restrictions in Florida and restrictions around childhood transgender operations and promotion.

Warren’s not a fan, so he simply said he wouldn’t enforce the law. DeSantis is now letting him know he can take a breather and reflect on what it is that makes him think he, as a lawyer, is above the law.

As DeSantis noted in his announcement, there’s nothing subtle about this.

Warren “flagrantly violated” the oath he took upon entering higher office; there have to be consequences for that. Warren’s suspension is really the last that he should be facing for this kind of arrogant lawlessness.

‘Effective Immediately’

As DeSantis said, Warren’s suspension takes effect immediately, as his competence and behavior are reviewed more fully.

Nobody is above the law. If Warren doesn’t like the Florida government’s positions on childhood transgenderism and abortion, then he should resign his position and move to a state which is friendlier to his far-left views, such as California.

This is why DeSantis is so popular: he doesn’t just talk, he takes action. He does it swiftly. He waits until his ducks are in a row and then he moves in and gets the job done.

The quick tease from Pushaw followed by DeSantis brutally humiliating Warren in this way is a masterclass in a political one-two punch timed for maximum effect. It is serving as a powerful deterrent to other rainbow warriors in Florida who think they will get away with similar hijinks.

If you want to protest or go on about your personal beliefs, do it on your own time and outside your capacity as a Florida state official.

Governor DeSantis and his team clearly won’t be tolerating lawbreaking and bragging about not doing your job while on the clock.

What About a Presidential Run?

We will have to wait and see in terms of a presidential run, but at this time and considering DeSantis’ popularity, all signs point to yes.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.