DeSantis Moves to Crack Down Against Illegal Immigration

The United States, to this very day, continues to suffer from the negative ramifications of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a result of the southern border largely going unchecked, due to the lack of migration laws being enforced.

Since the Biden administration’s time in the White House, illegal immigration rates have surged. Despite the president’s supporters suggesting otherwise, data from the Department of Homeland Security shows a very clear uptick in illegal immigration since January 2021.

However, in Florida, GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis is working to crack down against illegal immigration once and for all, as reported by MSN.

A Closer Look at DeSantis’ Efforts to End Illegal Immigration

Last week, DeSantis threw his weight behind various initiatives for the Florida state legislature to consider. Some of these initiatives include mandatory e-verify use and ending the current authorization for illegal immigrants to receive college tuition rates of Florida residents.

The purpose of both these measures is to remove any laws that incentivize folks to illegally come to the United States. If mandatory e-verify goes into effect, employers will have to make sure job applicants are legally in America before hiring them.

DeSantis’ measures have been billed as a response to policies from the Biden administration that take a permissive, supportive attitude towards illegal immigration. After all, the president himself has thrown his weight behind amnesty and other measures that fail to seriously combat illegal immigration.

Therefore, Republican governors like DeSantis are having to step up and do this work at the state level.

During a recent Jacksonville press conference, the Florida governor stated that chaos at the southern border is something the people of his state need to be protected from.

Moving Ahead Despite the Backlash

Predictably, the Florida governor’s proposals to crack down against illegal immigration are taking heat from Democrats. Many of these Democrats also support measures in other states that give driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants and permit them to vote in local or state elections.

The Democrat Party – barring a few outliers – has not collectively stepped up to take any serious action to uphold America’s immigration laws. They ignored Republican governors in 2021 and 2022 who warned their states couldn’t handle the mass migration happening via the southern border.

Though as Republicans now move to secure the border, stop illegal immigration, and uphold the United States’ immigration laws, they’re taking all sorts of hits from Democrats.

With Republicans in the Florida state legislature enjoying supermajorities, there’s a very high likelihood that DeSantis will be successful in taking care of business.

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This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.