DeSantis Sends Immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard

Following through with his vow to deport illegal aliens to Democratic-controlled areas, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis transported two planeloads of immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

Immigrants Sent to Democratic-Controlled Areas

In a release to media outlets on September 14, Taryn Fenske, the governor’s communications director, stated the fights were part of Florida’s “relocation program to move illegal immigrants to safe locations.”

Fenske noted DeSantis received a $12 million subsidy from the Republican-controlled Florida legislature to transfer illegal immigrants out of the county.

Fenske continued, “Florida’s immigration removal plan both targets human smugglers discovered in Florida and prevents others from arriving.”

As per Boston-based broadcaster WCVB 5, state Senator Julian Cyr flew into Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday afternoon.

The Dukes County Emergency Management Association tweeted on Wednesday night that it opened temporary shelters on Martha’s Vineyard and was searching for help, “due to an unanticipated critical humanitarian issue.”

In a release to the media, Terry MacCormack, the press secretary for Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, claimed his office “is in communication with local authorities regarding the presence of migrants in Martha’s Vineyard.”

Local authorities are currently offering short-term refuge services and the administration will keep assisting them, according to MacCormack.

In response to a spike in illegal aliens crossing the border, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey also sent illegal immigrants to Democrat-controlled cities.

DeSantis’ action is in line with these governors’ comparable actions.

On September 9, Abbott reported Texas shuttled more than 7,900 illegitimate residents to Chicago, more than 2,200 to New York City, and more than 300 to Washington, D.C.

In the current fiscal year, which runs from October to September, border officials are on track to detain more than two million illegal aliens, according to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Charlie Crist, a Democrat running for governor of Florida, and Karla Hernandez, a Democrat running for lieutenant governor of Florida, both criticized DeSantis on Twitter when the illegal immigrants arrived at Martha’s Vineyard.

Liberals Must Back Their Words With Actions

The Florida governor was attempting to “score political points,” according to Crist, and his initiative was a “political gimmick.”

Hernandez writes, “Venezuelan refugees fleeing a communist tyrant thought Maduro would be their biggest problem, then came Ron DeSantis.”

Hernandez’s critique was dismissed on Twitter by Christina Pushaw, the DeSantis reelection campaign’s director.

Pushaw added, “If Governor DeSantis is a dictator to a greater extent than Maduro, then he did these refugees an enormous favor by getting their flights out of terrifying Florida.”

“Now, they may live in peace in the prosperous, secure, and incredibly liberal community of Martha’s Vineyard.”

The president of the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness and author Nick Adams urged DeSantis to relocate more undocumented residents to Martha’s Vineyard.

“Make these woke liberals back up their words with deeds!” Adams tweeted something.