DeSantis Slams Far Left California Governor Gavin Newsom At Major Event

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently took a trip to California where he gave a speech at the Reagan library in Simi Valley.

The particular focus was DeSantis’ new book about how Florida has stayed more free than many other states. His book is entitled “The Courage To Be Free.”

While delivering his remarks, DeSantis decided it was a good time to go after the chief of California, Governor Gavin Newsom.

While on a trip to the bluest state in the union, why not tackle the problems affecting the state he’s in, instead of just focusing on his achievements back home in Florida? So, that’s exactly what he did.

DeSantis Puts His Cards On the Table

Speaking at his book event at Reagan library, DeSantis said he came by to reassure everyone since Newsom seems “very concerned” about what’s going on in Florida.

Newsom has made many false criticisms of Florida, claiming DeSantis and the state government are against gay people, against minorities, against women’s rights, and many other lies.

The former governor of California, Pete Wilson, was at the event, as was famous actor Gary Sinise, along with about 1,300 people in the audience.

DeSantis said to really judge who’s doing a good job or not, look at the success of states like Florida versus California or places like blue Illinois and New York.

The real results can show people how different “governing philosophies” play out in the real world.

‘The Great American Exodus’

Drawing on a Biblical parallel of slavery versus freedom when the ancient Israelites left bondage in Egypt to flee to the promised land, DeSantis said there has been a “great American exodus” from blue states to free states like Florida.

The “leftist ideology” just hasn’t backed up its big talk with any real positive results, and as a result, there have been “massive gains” in states such as Florida.

Florida is an example of a state that cares about the kinds of beliefs held by President Reagan, who was himself a Californian after all.

As DeSantis sadly noted, up until about five years ago, California was always a defining state for the American dream, but that’s not the case anymore. Instead, it’s “hemorrhaging” its populace as they flee.

Slamming Newsom, DeSantis pointed out that many families even left California during the pandemic to go to Florida since at least Florida’s schools were open. He also slammed Newsom’s support for vaccine passports during the pandemic and other ineffective mandates.

DeSantis attributed this all to a “woke mind virus” which he says has infected people like Newsom and states like California.

The Bottom Line

Do you agree with DeSantis or is this just playing politics? Who do you support for 2024? It’s looking more and more like DeSantis will indeed make a run.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.