DeSantis Takes a Stand Against Racial Indoctrination in Florida’s Universities

Ron DeSantis keeps landing one shot after another onto the woke mob; this time, he’s cracking down on the critical race theory peddlers in Florida’s universities.

In a recent memo, the governor has demanded that state universities reveal the exact amount of taxpayer dollars spent on programs that support this racially divisive rhetoric.

Taxpayer dollars to brainwash taxpayer children

In line with this, every school in Florida’s College System and the State University System will have to provide a comprehensive list of staff, campus activities, and programs for students.

The deadline is January 13th. Any university that is later uncovered to have partaken in DEI and CRT activities without jotting them down on the list will be facing massive penalties.

In the memo, DeSantis explains how crucial it is for the administration to have a comprehensive view of state institutions’ expenses before the budget proposals for 2023 are made.

Many have compared CRT’s divisive results to those of Marxism, which drives a divide between the rich and the poor, instead of unifying us all as one people.

While our children should be learning to love and treat one another as they’d like to be treated, the CRT peddlers are ingraining their minds with the “us vs. them” dynamic. It’s particularly concerning when kindergarten and primary school children are the targets of this.

If you’re a white cis male, we’ve got some bad news

At the same time, the poorly conceptualized DEI programs aim to completely shatter the way higher education and a workplace dynamic operates. They do this by removing merits and instead crediting students and workers based on their skin color and sexuality.

Because of this, individuals who qualify for a position through education and work experience are set aside for those who fit a much more “diverse” role in the workplace/higher education institution.

As long as the woke crowd is satisfied, it’s practically every man for himself; although that phrase probably isn’t long for this world, considering it’s not gender-neutral and/or inclusive enough.

However, beacons of hope like DeSantis have appeared in recent years. With him currently poised to take on Trump in the Republican primaries for 2024, we might just see this country get back on its feet.

Just in his first term as Florida governor, DeSantis has managed to stave off an army of woke teachers who planned to brainwash our nation’s children with CRT at a dangerously young age.

This legislature would later be dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and prove to be DeSantis’ most effective move to date.

He stated we must make sure our higher education values knowledge over skin color and gender, both of which are just results of trendy ideologies that are bound to fizzle out of popularity sooner or later.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.