Desperate Russia Resorts to Anti-Ship Missiles to Attack Ukraine’s Defenders on Land

(Snapshot from an infrared Ukrainian drone video shows 4 Russian soldiers fleeing for their lives in a night hunt for Putin's invaders)

The Russian military is getting desperate.

They are now resorting to firing at the plucky Ukrainian ground forces with huge antiquated communist-era missiles designed for striking aircraft carriers at sea.

Putin’s Invaders Out of Precise Missiles

The employment of the anti-ship rockets on land in ongoing ferocious battles in the Donbass region appears to disclose the Russian military has practically run out of precision missiles.

This is per the British Ministry of the Defense.

Regardless of overwhelming Russian firepower advances, Ukrainians, who are still looking forward to tangible western supplies of heavy weaponry, are still managing to hold the front lines in Donbass.

The latest update of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense revealed, as of Monday morning, more than 32,300 Russian troops have been killed, while nearly 9,500 units of Russian military equipment have been destroyed.


(Wikipedia photo shows the tip of the antiquated Kh-22 nuclear capable Soviet missile now used by the Russians in Ukraine)

Ukrainians Fighting for ‘Every Meter of Territory’

According to the latest update of the British Ministry of the Defense about the Russian war, Putin’s forces have now started to fire at the Ukrainians the Kh-22 missiles, which were developed in the Communist Soviet Union in the 1960s.

Each of the missiles in question – which were designed to target American aircraft carriers at sea by striking them with nuclear warheads – weighs about 5.5 metric tons and has a range of about 600 miles (1,000 kilometers).

The rockets in question are judged to be “extra dangerous,” not only because of their massive payload, but especially because they are “highly inaccurate.”

The British Ministry of Defense emphasized the deployment of heavy naval missiles demonstrates the Russian military is “running low” on modern rockets with higher precision capacities.

It is noted that Ukraine actually dismantled a total of 423 such Soviet-made missiles, prior to 2006, as part of a disarmament treaty.

According to the intelligence update, extremely ferocious fighting is continuing in the Donbass region as Putin commanders are savagely pushing their troops to conquer or at least encircle the twin cities of Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk.

The Russians are now employing flame throwers to target both civilians’ homes and Ukraine’s fertile wheat fields, according to Serhiy Haridai, the Ukrainian governor of the Luhansk region, which is over 90% in Russian hands.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian military released an infrared video, showing how it is hunting for Russian troops at night using attack drones with thermal sights. It remained unclear when and where the video in question was filmed.

In his latest video address, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelneskyy emphasized the heavily outgunned defenders of his nation are fighting a life-and-death battle for “every meter” of Ukrainian territory.

Heavy fighting in the city of Sievierodonetsk has been going on for weeks now, with the downtown back and forth. The latest reports say a Ukrainian counterattack was repulsed from the city center.