Discovery of Classified Papers Undermines Pence’s Past Comments

Following Vice President Mike Pence’s departure from office last week, a startling discovery has been made as classified documents were allegedly located in his Indiana residence.

This comes after former VP Pence repeatedly asserted he would not be removing any confidential information with him when departing the White House.

Pence Under Scrutiny Over Possession of Classified Materials

In the wake of events surrounding former President Trump, former Vice President Pence has come under increasing scrutiny over suspected possession of classified materials.

In recent months he’s been asked multiple times if any such documents were taken when leaving the White House – questions which have reignited with reports that attorneys for current President Biden found confidential items at his old office and Delaware home.

It remains to be seen what answers this inquiry will bring forth.

Last week, Vice President Pence addressed his handling of confidential records held in personal spaces after non-compliant materials were uncovered at his home.

His lawyers subsequently revealed he initiated an exhaustive search before the violation was brought to light.

Former Vice President Mike Pence ensured no classified materials have made it out of the White House after a thorough internal review. He remains assured nothing was left in his possession, confirming this to CBS News confidently.

However, Pence recently admitted Trump’s staff had mishandled classified documents, resulting in hundreds of such papers appearing at the ex-president’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

With this breach of protocol, attention has now been turned to accountability and proper execution when handling confidential information going forward.

Pence Admitted the Mistakes Made

Pence spoke on the controversy surrounding classified materials found at a long-abandoned office used by Joe Biden when he was working for a Washington, D.C.-based think tank between his time as VP and running for president of the United States.

It’s an issue that has only been acknowledged publicly by the White House.

In an interview, VP Pence admitted mistakes were made in relocating classified documents to the former president’s Florida estate. He affirmed that proper protocol was not followed by Trump staffers and revealed hundreds of sensitive papers had been dispersed there.

Pence recently weighed in on materials related to Joe Biden’s past office, which sparked controversy as classified documents were found at the Washington D.C. think tank used by the former VP before his presidential campaign launch.

This was acknowledged by White House officials shortly thereafter.

In the days prior to a search of documents found at Biden’s Delaware home, causing his lawyer to prompt an extensive investigation of former Vice President Pence’s Indiana residence, he spoke with CBS about the matter.

After refusing to return confidential documents for several months, the FBI searched former President Trump’s Florida residence in August.

The investigation revealed numerous sensitive materials not previously accounted for and sparked controversy, as Trump repeatedly denied having classified items on his property.

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