DISTURBING: Biden Compromised America’s Interests for His Son?

House Republicans are preparing to start investigating Hunter Biden for his corrupt business practices overseas.

Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s business dealings is worrying Republicans who believe that Biden may have compromised America’s national interests to help his son Hunter.

Biden to Land in Legal Trouble

Hunter Biden made fortunes by working with companies connected to different foreign governments.

Reportedly, the first son made deals with energy tycoons associated with the Chinese communist government, allegedly helping the communist government in strengthening its interests in the United States.

Despite Republicans’ concerns about Biden’s alleged involvement in his son’s business dealings, the president has been managing to avert public scrutiny until now.

Mainstream media is not emphasizing Biden’s role in his son’s business, while the Department of Justice (DOJ) is also hesitant to hold Biden accountable.

However, now that Republicans have the House majority, Biden is expected to land in legal trouble.

Republicans are seeking to find out Biden’s alleged role in helping his son in his overseas business dealings by abusing his powers as a top-level official of the United States government. 

House Republicans to Take Lead from Senate Republicans

GOP investigations are likely to take help from evidence found by Senate Republicans, led by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.

Both of these senators have been working on collecting evidence against Hunter Biden since 2019, to find out if Biden helped his son while serving as the vice president of the United States.

In 2019, former President Donald Trump also slammed Biden for his alleged involvement in firing a Ukrainian prosecutor to shield his son from possible corruption investigations.

Reportedly, Hunter Biden and his business associate, Devon Archer, received more than $4 million from a Ukrainian firm, Burisma Holdings, from 2014 to 2016. This scandal created speculations that then-Vice President Biden helped his son accumulate money from shady overseas business transactions. 

Republican senators also established that officials of the Obama administration were also aware Hunter Biden was occupying controversial offices in Burisma Holdings.

Likewise, the senators’ report mentioned Hunter Biden was involved in receiving controversial payments from other foreign nations during the vice presidency of his father.

According to the Republican senators, foreign companies associated with Hunter Biden have been involved in various criminal activities, including organized prostitution, human trafficking, money laundering, and embezzlement.

In 2014, the widow of former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov sent $3.5 million to Rosemonet Seneca Thornton LLC, a company associated with Hunter Biden. Luzhkov is considered one of the most corrupt mayors of Moscow.

Despite this, the US Treasury Department avoided sanctioning the widow this year when the Biden administration started sanctioning corrupt individuals in Russia in the aftermath of the Ukraine invasion. 

Republican Congressman James Comer also sent a letter to the Treasury Department, asking them if the Biden administration intentionally avoided sanctioning the mayor’s widow just because she was involved in helping Hunter.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.