Disturbing News Regarding Election Integrity

Per a new analysis, funding of nominees for secretary of state in Georgia, Michigan, as well as Minnesota, has increased significantly, compared to previous elections.

What is the Agenda Here?

Campaign contributions in the three states are 2.5 times more than they were at the same stage in the last two election cycles, according to research released Wednesday by the Brennan Law Center at New York University Law School.

“These polls are known for being exceedingly boring. These are officials who no one thinks about,” Ian Vandewalker, a legal adviser at the Brennan Center’s Democratic Program and a study co-author, stated.

The Brennan Center for Justice is a nongovernmental law and public policy organization at New York University Law School. It is titled after Supreme Court Judge William J. Brennan.

In key battleground states, secretary of state posts wield significant influence over how ballots are verified. “Monitoring and controlling who runs the polls is possibly a means to winning the presidency,” Vandewalker said.

As per the Brennan Center’s analysis, secretary of state applicants in the jurisdictions of Georgia and Michigan obtained 2.5 times more campaign funds than they did at a comparable point, prior to the last two elections cycles.

The same tendency is being found in Minnesota, according to the paper, albeit the sums raised there are much less. “Who is in charge of organizing and making critical choices concerning our elections in 2024 will be determined by these elections.”

“Put simply, what we’ve seen so far is really concerning,” stated co-author Lawrence Norden in a Twitter conversation about the findings.

“The financial data shows these contests are gaining in popularity. Candidates raised 2.5 times more revenue than those at a similar level during 2018 in the secretary of state campaigns where information is available,” Norden noted.

The Divide Grows

“There are hints these competitions are becoming more nationalistic. In the Georgia secretary of state race, 22 percent of funding came from out-of-state sources, according to the most recent campaign finance disclosures,” he noted.

“This is a significant rise, compared to the full rounds in 2014 and 2018.”

According to the available data so far, the United States will witness record sums of money spent on election supervisor competitions this year, according to the research.

“Applicants in the vast number of states in concern will file new papers by the end of January,” Vandewalker, as well as Norden, added, “so more data will be ready shortly.”

Similarly, on the federal level, Democrats are seeking broad support for their preferred voting rule amendments. They’re including plans to extend the early voting period and prohibit states from needing an explanation to vote absentee.

Biden stated he is willing to abolish the Senate’s filibuster (a safeguard that needs 60 of the Senate’s 100 members to agree on legislation) in order to pass the reforms opposed by conservatives.