Disturbing Reality of Biden’s Reelection Run Now Exposed

Joe Biden, earlier this week, officially confirmed that he’s in the race for a second term in the White House. The president’s reelection campaign is on, despite the massive array of problems to emerge with him leading the country.

If Biden were to get the second term that he wants, he’d be 86 at the very end of it. Meanwhile, growing numbers of Americans are suggesting this country could benefit from the next generation taking over leadership in the political scene.

To that effect, Free Beacon just recently shed light on a disturbing fact about Biden’s efforts to get another four years in office.

This May Not Be in the Cards For Him

Various analyses of Biden, his life, and his status as the oldest president to ever serve bring about some interesting news. Just from a statistical standpoint alone, the odds of Biden even surviving four more years in the White House are not good.

On top of this, the admitted “night wandering” that Biden’s press secretary revealed he partakes in is a clear indicator of dementia. Likewise, this president has misspoken on multiple occasions and forgotten names, quotes, and details while addressing the public.

Even data from the Social Security Administration indicates that the statistical probability of Biden making it through another presidential term is not good.

The Fix is In?

Around the same time that Biden announced his intentions to run for a second term in the White House, the Democratic National Committee also revealed it’s not planning on hosting any debates this time around.

Such an announcement has been widely viewed as a calculated measure to ensure that Biden keeps the White House and doesn’t have to debate any in-party challengers.

This is an unprecedented move, nevertheless, and it begs to question if Biden or his team influenced this decision in any way.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.