DNC Pulls Strings for Biden to Sit During Next Debate

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

As Joe Biden shows very clear signs of not being up for a presidential election, the Democrat establishment continues to pull strings on his behalf.

This reality became undeniable when the former vice president received several back-to-back endorsements from former Democrat rivals within 24 hours of one another. These endorsements occurred shortly before and after Super Tuesday, hence giving Biden a significant boost over Sanders.

Joe Biden by Gage Skidmore, on Flickr

Joe Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Americans who thought that the DNC’s collusion stopped with getting other candidates to endorse Biden should think again. Breaking developments from Breitbart News confirm that the Democrat establishment isn’t done yet; only this time, they’re changing the debate rules so that presidential candidates are allowed to sit down.

This shift comes despite 2020 contenders having to stand in every other debate.

The Latest Change of DNC Debate Rules

On March 15, two of three presidential candidates will gather in Arizona to debate with one another. While the DNC recently changed the rules to keep Tulsi Gabbard off the stage, they also modified their requirements so that candidates are no longer mandated to stand up.

This move is being largely viewed as one to aid Biden, seeing as the former vice president has struggled with correctly citing quotes, names, and even his own strategies on the campaign trail, as of late.

When announcing this newest change, the DNC simply issued a quick statement. The statement ultimately claimed that this month’s debate will “adapt” to a lesser amount of candidates; however, the Democrat establishment declined to mention how allowing competitors to sit down pertains to the number of candidates on stage.

Criticism of the DNC’s Flagrant Bias

At this point, the Democrat establishment isn’t even attempting to hide their bias in favor of Biden. As such, they’re currently taking fire from many Americans; whether the DNC likes it or not, people haven’t forgotten about them previously changing their rules to allow then-candidate Mike Bloomberg on the debate stage and to keep Tulsi Gabbard off.

Americans have also rightfully pointed out that the general election will be an entirely different ballgame than the current primary. Without the DNC in Biden’s corner and shifting rules in his favor, the former vice president will be on his own. Thus far, Biden has shown that he can’t make it on his own without bumbling, confusing his wife as his sister, or claiming that he’s running for Senate.

Considering President Trump’s high energy and fearlessness to take on his opponents, certain Democrats have real concerns because even they are aware that Biden doesn’t have what it takes to win an election or govern a nation.

What do you think of the DNC changing their debate rules so that Biden and Sanders can sit down? How do you think Joe Biden will fare in a general election without the DNC to shield him from President Trump? Sound off in the comments section below!