Doctor Indicted For Allegedly Giving Fake COVID Vaccines To Kids

The pressure to get the COVID vaccine has been enormous; one doctor is now being indicted for allegedly giving out fake shots.

Dr. Michael Moore Jr., a plastic surgery doctor from Salt Lake County in Utah, is accused of giving kids saline solution, instead of the COVID vaccine.

He allegedly did so when parents requested it. He didn’t want their kids to get the COVID shots, destroying the real COVID shot, giving a saline shot, and then recording the shot with the real batch number on a CDC vaccination proof card.

How Many Fake Shots Did Moore Give?

According to the charges, Moore destroyed over $28,000 in COVID vaccines, then gave out several hundred CDC vaccine certificates filled out with the information of the destroyed batches.

Moore is not the only one charged. His neighbor and two other individuals are also charged with the plan. They allegedly charged money in the form of “donations” for the service for giving fake shots and fraudulent certificates.

The donations received went to charity.

Kids received saline shots because their parents didn’t want them to get the COVID shots, but the kids believed they were getting the COVID shots so they would feel calm.

Moore is allegedly a member of a medical insiders’ group that believes the government and Big Pharma have a conflict of interest and physicians should not be compelled to give out things like the COVID vaccine.

What Happens Now?

Moore had his certification as a plastic surgeon stripped on Dec. 31. Health and Human Services (HHS) investigator Curt Muller said Moore “endangered” kids by what he did and ruined “trust” in federal programs.

Fellow investigator Chris Miller said Moore will be “held accountable” and he tried to “profit” from his scheme. The fact that the money was given to charity wasn’t addressed.

Moore was indicted on Jan. 11 and his first court appearance is on Jan. 26. The CDC recommends COVID shots for everyone six months and older.

They have not responded to the alarmingly high number of adverse reactions and dangerous side effects of the vaccines or rescinded their recommendations for everyone to get them.

The Bottom Line

Dr. Moore is receiving a lot of support from conservatives and libertarians who don’t agree with the forced administration of the COVID vaccines. He is receiving a lot of condemnation from supporters of the vaccine who believe his actions were dangerous and harmful.

At the end of the day, even if you strongly support the COVID vaccine, this does come down to parental rights.

If a parent does not want their minor child to receive a vaccine, do they have the right to refuse that vaccine without endangering their child’s access to school, sports programs, and other regular childhood experiences?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.