DOJ Reports More Classified Documents Hidden at Biden Residence

Joe Biden has left a large number of secret documents lying around, making it difficult to keep up with them all. We wanted to be clear about when the numerous finds were allegedly made.

Classified Documents Found

As previous reports have stated, the personal lawyer who merely happened to be cleaning up Biden’s old office discovered a stockpile. The stockpile was stashed in a cupboard at the Pennsylvania Biden Center back in early November 2022.

The second batch was discovered in his garage, close to his Corvette, based on reports made earlier. Biden made a remark about that one, noting they were secure since they were stored in the closed garage next to his Corvette.

Jonathan Turley, a professor at the George Washington University School of Law, discredited Biden’s assertion that he had a “Corvette Standard,” saying this wasn’t a good enough defense.

Another marketing film demonstrated how unsafe that garage actually appeared. This second stash of classified documents was allegedly discovered on the 20th of December.

Reports have been made that a third stash of documents has been discovered. According to sources, it was just discovered on January 12 and the DOJ was informed of it. These classified documents were also found in the Biden residence in Wilmington.

So, not only did they conceal the November discovery prior to the election, but they also failed to disclose the additional set of documents discovered in the garage, which they were previously aware of, when they initially informed us about it on Monday.

In addition, Attorney General Merrick Garland stated on November 10, he assigned a U.S. attorney to investigate the entire matter. The question must be asked, why were we not informed of the documents that were discovered before the November elections?

This plot involving plenty of deception and cover-ups is collapsing in front of our eyes.

Given the current state of affairs, Prof. Turley makes a solid point: since when are Biden’s private attorneys still permitted to snoop through his offices, now that he is the president?

The FBI ought to be accompanying them at this time in order to ensure nothing is being concealed or destroyed.

Cover-Ups Being Discovered

Turley adds they were likely transported to other locations, in addition to being kept in unprotected areas.

Not to forget everyone else who might have had access to them since Biden unintentionally moved them years ago to the home, the garage, the Penn Biden Center, and anywhere else the records may have been in between.

We’re adding “six years” to the timeline since he stepped down as vice president. Though these documents might not have been taken away at the end of his term as vice president; they might have been seized throughout his tenure.

Therefore, it might have taken longer than six years.

What a disaster.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.