Domestic Terrorists Denied Bail

A judge refused bail for almost two dozen suspects who are suspected of planning a violent attack on law enforcement officers. These are officers who were protecting the potential location of an Atlanta police training academy.

As a result, the suspects will continue to be detained.

Prisoners Wanted to be Released

Michael Seiden of Channel 2 was present in the courtroom during the accused attorneys’ arguments for their release from jail.

The 23 prisoners accused of domestic terrorism wanted to be released from custody and sent home. However, the judge wasn’t confident in doing so, particularly because only two of the 23 accused prisoners were believed to have connections to Georgia.

During the majority of the afternoon, the judge attentively listened to their attorneys.

When the judge questioned the parent of one 26-year-old Connecticut male if she would ensure he returns to court, the mom even pleaded on behalf of and in defense of her son.

If a bond is allowed for her son, Kate Early vowed to go with him, assuring the judge her son was not likely to commit a crime.

DeKalb County’s Chief Assistant District Attorney, Pete Johnson, outlined the case for keeping the gang incarcerated.

Johnson stated that one would have had to put forth a huge effort to go there. He said that this gang dressed entirely in black for the occasion. They carried shields. They armed themselves with bags of rocks. Fireworks were present. Molotov cocktails were on hand.

All except one of the individuals accused of domestic terrorism had their bond denied by the court, which ultimately sided with the prosecution.

Prosecutors decided that Thomas Jurgens, a staff attorney for the Southern Poverty Law Center, was simply there to witness the assault. The attorney was not involved in it, so they issued him a $5,000 bond.

The court responded and said it can’t stand there and declare that there was an indication that he threw anything; considering he is a barred attorney, his argument at this time, he’s a legal witness.

Inquiring as to whether the Georgia National Guard would be called into action in light of the attack that occurred on Sunday night, Seiden contacted Governor Brian Kemp’s administration earlier on Tuesday.

His office has sent a statement to Channel 2 Action News.

Officials Take This Seriously

According to the statement, the governor and senior state officials are still keeping a close eye on the issue.

The situation was swiftly stabilized because of the commitment and promptness of local and state law enforcement. The police are still prepared to deal with any incidents of violence or disorder.

Officials from Dekalb acknowledged on Tuesday that the two-day music festival’s promoters lacked a permit and had never even sought one.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.