Don Lemon Calls Out Elon Musk For Trump ‘Thirst’

Don Lemon called out Elon Musk for uploading a sexually suggestive image of Jesus Christ on Twitter.

The post was made in a way that was ostensibly meant to entice Donald Trump to return to the social media site. Musk was subjected to Lemon’s ridicule.

What Do The People Want?

Musk carried out an informal poll over the course of the weekend on Twitter, in which he asked followers if Trump should be let to return to the social media platform.

Why Was Trump Kicked Off?

Trump was suspended from Twitter after making unfounded claims that the 2020 election had been stolen, which purportedly led to the attack on the capital on January 6 by his base of extreme fans who were persuaded that the election had been rigged.

The ongoing obsession with January 6 and the actions of Trump fed into Big Tech getting a pass to boot him from the platform.

But others raised obvious questions about freedom of speech and why, exactly, Trump was to blame for political violence but outspoken Democrats are never blamed when their supporters go wild.

Musk disclosed that voters of the poll he conducted who supported Trump had prevailed. On Sunday evening, he decided to post a meme depicting what appears to be Jesus Christ being lured by a woman baring her back to him in a highly sexualized manner.

The meme was captioned, “Voters for allowing Trump to return have won the day.” A religious figure is superimposed on top of a Twitter logo, which covers her bare rump. The name “Donald Trump” is written on top of the Twitter logo.

CNN Makes Fun of Musk

On Monday, CNN This Morning discussed Elon Musk’s peculiar conduct, namely how his commitment to not restore any users until they had been reviewed by a “Content Moderation Board” was a load of nonsense and how marketers want even less to be a part of a system that permits… foolishness m without moderation.

Lemon summed up the situation by saying, “There’s a desperate aspect to this. It appears that they are in a really terrible situation, or, what do we call it today, thirst?”

Lemon elaborated, saying, “This controversial image that was shared, I believe it was Jesus, you know there someone enticing Jesus…”

Audie Cornish stepped in to provide an explanation for the image that the producers ultimately decided not to run. “This is a sexually suggestive image that he is sharing, and I think it’s a very fantastic illustration of the thirsting you’re speaking of, which is ‘Look at me!’”

He added that marketers and advertisers are making fun of Musk’s carnival barker approach to attempting to keep Twitter culturally relevant immediately after acquiring it for an increasingly ludicrous $44 billion.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.