Don’t Forget: Border Crisis Rages on

According to the Biden government, Border Patrol agents detained approximately 192,000 migrants who entered the southwestern border without authorization among ports of entry.

The report was sent out late on Friday night by officials.

The Data

The July Southwestern Land Border Encounter Report, which was provided by U.S. Customs Protection officials, shows 191,898 migrants who crossed the border unlawfully between ports of entry were apprehended.

More than 1.6 million migrants have been apprehended so far in the current financial year, which started on October 1, 2021, including more than 830,000 in the most recent four months.

The current financial year’s arrest total is just 25,000 short of last year’s record-breaking 1,659,206 misgivings with three months remaining.

The statistics that were made public on Friday night actually demonstrate a modest decrease in arrests between May and June.

The number of misgivings in June was the highest in Border Patrol records going back to the Clinton years, even though the rise over the prior year’s figure was only 7.4%.

More than 70% of the 1.6 million migrants who have been detained so far this fiscal year were single individuals. Official statistics show that 23% are family units and over 7% are unaccompanied children.

A breakdown of the misgivings by Border Patrol sectors was not updated in the Friday night bulletin.

However, according to Border Patrol data examined by Breitbart Texas early last month, the Del Rio Sector overtook the top spot with the capture of more than 45,000 migrants.

Agents who worked in the Rio Grande Valley Sector narrowly dropped to second place after capturing less than 45,000 migrants. More than 20,000 arrests were made in each of the sectors in Yuma, Tucson, as well as El Paso.

Additionally, about 400,000 more migrants managed to enter the interior of the United States undetected. With three months left in FY22, this raises the total number of known migrant entries to more than two million.

The Incident

Alejandro Tamayo Chacón’s family was able to capture footage of the 23-year-old’s violent arrest by Cuban restrictive powers, Miami’s Telemundo 51 reported on Sunday.

This was not long after leftist US President Joe Biden’s government deported him and two friends who were seen trying to enter America on a water bike.

In a press statement on July 13, the U.S. Coast Guard boasted that it deported more than 3,000 Cuban refugees at sea since October. It included images of the strange aquatic car and its travelers waving at sea.

The press release also confirmed the “reinstatement” of 77 refugees towards the homicidal Castro family government.

The Biden government’s zealous advertising to deport Cuban refugees who attempt to flee socialism at sea contrasts sharply with Washington’s lax efforts to stem the flow of migrants coming from the southern border.

Here, massive human smuggling activities connected to violent drug lords and other criminal enterprises dominate transportation.