Downtown Chicago Falls Victim to Mass Riot

In recent years, multiple states throughout the nation have been experiencing heightened problems with crime. These problems are a result of Democratic leaders failing to embrace policies that keep communities safe and hold criminals accountable for their actions.

All too often, Democrats are eager to explain away the actions of criminals and give them nearly undeserved, endless chances. For this reason, robberies, carjackings, assaults, murders, and other crimes have skyrocketed.

One area that’s very familiar with this is none other than Chicago. In fact, Fox32 just reported that this past weekend was especially problematic for the Windy City.

What Just Happened in Chicago?

This past Saturday, the scene in downtown Chicago was nothing short of absolute mayhem. Gunshot wounds, damaged vehicle windows, lit fires, and other acts of insanity littered the city’s streets.

The situation quickly turned so volatile that news stations didn’t even feel comfortable with keeping their workers on the scene to report what was happening.

Meanwhile, police officers in Chicago had their work cut out for them. Six minors and nine adults ended up being apprehended and hit with criminal charges. Though there were far more than 14 people on the scene who broke the law.

Some people caught in the crossfire were battered and in need of medical care afterward. Meanwhile, others ran for their lives, many with the help of police escorts.

Chicago’s Mayor Speaks Out

When former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was running the show, lawlessness was a major problem. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s going to change with Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson in charge.

Johnson put out a statement that cited a need for “public safety” reform. Though he also provided cover for those who chose to engage in violence.

The Democratic mayor-elect’s call for reform to public safety was followed by him saying no one should “demonize” the rioters he claims have been systematically barred from opportunities within the community.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.