Dr. Oz is Running for Office!

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a renowned doctor famous for his “Dr. Oz Show,” declared his candidacy for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

Oz, who is standing as a Republican, announced his candidacy a week after GOP contender Sean Parnell cut short his campaign after losing primary physical custody of his kids in court.

Former President Trump endorsed Parnell, and he was widely seen as a front-runner.

His Message is Solid!

“Our system is fundamentally flawed,” Oz stated in his debut campaign ad. He declared  “government got it completely wrong” and “they stripped away our rights without making things better.”

“As a cardiac surgeon, I understand the value of life. Pennsylvania needs a conservative who would also put America first, someone who can rekindle our spark of life, courageously battle for liberty, and tell it like it is. I’m running for Congress because of this,” Oz added.

On his webpage, Oz lays out his primary issues, which include opposing COVID-19, fixing healthcare coverage, boosting the economy, and securing the border. His policies also include investing in education, helping veterans, and taking severe measures against China—a classic Republican agenda for a conservative candidate.

The 61-year-old politician is also a New York Times bestselling author and Emmy-winning television show host. Oz was appointed to Trump’s National Council on Sports, Health, and Nutritional Care in 2018. In 2020, Trump rehired him.

Before establishing his own program in 2009, Oz rose to prominence as a health professional on Oprah Winfrey’s program.

Oz previously settled in New Jersey for the past two decades until beginning to vote in Pennsylvania races by absentee ballot this year, using his in-laws’ suburban Philadelphia home.

It’s a Tough Pack to Fight Through

The U.S. Senate campaign in Pennsylvania already is packed, with nearly 30 candidates running for the available seat held by GOP Sen. Pat Toomey. Before the general election last year, Toomey announced his resignation.

Conservative pundit Kathy Barnette, property investor Jeff Bartos, as well as Carla Sands, Trump’s affluent financier and envoy to Denmark, are the most notable Republican contenders.

None of them have ever been elected to a position of power. Only Bartos ran for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania regionally in 2018.


Dr. Oz graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in medicine and commerce. His primary residence, on the other hand, has long been in Bergen County, New Jersey, where he also votes.

He’s also enrolled in Pennsylvania, with an address in Montgomery County, in the Philadelphia outskirts, that belongs to his mother-in-law. Despite the fact his opponents will undoubtedly accuse him of carpetbagging, one local conservative official believes the issue will not resonate with voters.

“I don’t think being a novice is a disadvantage,” Pat Poprik, the conservative chairwoman of Bucks County, said. “What voters are searching for are issues.”