Drag Queen Culture Essentially Boils Down to Tearing Down Traditional Values

A famous drag queen from the US, who goes by the name Miz Cracker, told Pink News he’s willing to get behind any cause that will ultimately end up overthrowing traditional family values.

Aside from the comment being unfitting of someone starring in a show at London’s Southwark Playhouse, it’s incredibly insensitive towards those that still cherish those same values.

That’s especially true now, in the middle of the holiday season, when everyone just wants to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

Deluded Drag Queen Miz Cracker takes another shot at family values

According to Cracker, the way we currently look at family is outdated and needs a makeover; if that’s the future we’re headed for, it’s safe to say it’ll be a trainwreck.

The show Miz Cracker is featured in, called “Who’s Holiday,” somewhat revolves around this topic, pushing the idea of the “chosen family” and the whole “f**k family” narrative into the mainstream, all under the watchful eye of the woke left.

To make things worse, this demoralizing show is on display at the Southwark Playhouse for anyone aged 14 and up, reinstating the idea that drag culture is nothing more than a front for grooming minors.

Cracker even claims the show still has a message, despite being “raunchy and ungodly,” completely ruining the spirit of Christmas we all know and love; although the infamous drag queen would beg to differ.

Somehow, Trump is at fault again

Naturally, the sexually and emotionally challenged man had something to say about the impending return of Donald Trump as well, just like the rest of his woke brethren, stating he finds it distressing that Trump could be back in office so soon.

Apparently, the mere idea of Trump being president is somehow supporting hatred and transphobia in the US, even though the former president never mentioned the trans community in a negative context.

It seems that the left simply gets off on hating Trump, with or without reasoning. It’s no surprise considering the entirety of the left-leaning crowd is part of the same bandwagoning ideology.

The fact we’re hosting drag queens at events for children and minors is concerning, to start with. Now that those figures are trying to destroy the established concept of “family,” they’ve broken more than a few unwritten rules.

Our children need a family to look up to and a holiday season to cherish and remember when they’ve got a family of their own. Miz Cracker’s narrative only lasts for as long as the “chosen family” decides to stick around.

It’s no secret that blood is thicker than water. Family bonds will last longer than any of the so-called “friendships” that Cracker is promoting, especially with such a violent approach to our traditional values.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.