Drama Unfolds as FDA Takes Action Against Experimental COVID Treatments

After the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revoked urgent approvals for two COVID-19 therapies, the Florida State Health Department noted that all monoclonal antibody therapy locations in the state will close.

What is Going On?

The FDA said on Monday the use of bamlanivimab, as well as etesevimab, (used in the same) and REGEN-COV, or Regeneron, a combo of casirivimab and imdevimab is no longer to be allowed.

“Therefore, all monoclonal antibody state-wide facilities will be closed indefinitely as a consequence of this unexpected choice taken by the federal government,” the Florida State Health Department expressed in a release.

The medicines are no longer permitted, according to the FDA, because “results demonstrate these therapies are highly unlikely to be useful against the omicron variant.”

The FDA also claims omicron is thought to constitute more than 99 percent of current COVID-19 cases. It stated this was done to avoid side effects from therapies that they didn’t think would work.

“Use of these medicines may be permitted in the future if individuals in certain geographic regions are expected to be afflicted or exposed to a variation that is sensitive to these therapies,” the FDA said.

The Breakdown in Communication

“While we were hoping to meet promptly on this crucial and essential subject,” Scheppke wrote, “sadly, you were no longer ready to cater our demand for a call today and rescheduled.”

“We think that the choice to postpone our conference was made with the knowledge that it would be publicized.”

“Rather than open communication from the federal government to states, choices are being made based on news cycles, which precludes states from making practical decisions that save lives.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis slammed the decision made by the Biden government.

In a release, DeSantis said, “Biden has pushed qualified healthcare practitioners to choose among treating their clients and disobeying the law without a shred of clinical proof to justify this action.”

“This unjustifiable order removes therapy from the hands of medical practitioners and will result in the death of some Americans. Biden’s medical dictatorship has real-world ramifications. Americans’ access to therapies is now vulnerable to the whim of a failed president.”

The Issue of Vaccine Mandates

Government overreach has always been a problem when it comes to vaccine mandates around the world.

From the beginning of the pandemic and the creation of the first vaccines, we were promised that no one would be forced to take the vaccine. Yet, now we sit with mandates to vaccinate in countries worldwide.

In some extreme cases like Australia, unvaccinated people are forced into camps where they must reside until they take the jab. Countries like Italy, Austria, and Canada have implemented heavy taxes on their unvaccinated populations.