Dutch Rebellion: Farmers Take the Fight to the New World Order

Police have detained over 100 persons in connection with protests against EU green agenda plans that would force Dutch farmers out of business.

Over 100 individuals have allegedly been detained by Dutch police in connection with demonstrations against EU green agenda policies. These policies might force up to 30% of the nation’s livestock farms to shut.

The Fight!

Farmers in the nation have been actively opposing the changes.

They are blocking roads and food delivery centers in an effort to subdue authorities, despite the Dutch government’s claims they’re a necessary component of an “unavoidable transition” into Brussels’ Great Reset-style policies.

In accordance with a NOS News report, authorities reacted to the protests by cracking down on protestors.

Over 100 individuals have reportedly been detained in association with recent anti-green agenda rallies, while hundreds more received fines for activities that resisted the policies.

More intriguingly, the public broadcaster reported about a quarter of these arrests happened after the alleged offenses, rather than during that time.

This is because the police took time to track down specific protesters, some of whom ended up being held in custody for extended periods of time.

The news of the arrests comes in the wake of violent clashes between police and protestors.

Officers are now facing criticism for reportedly firing at a youngster without a good reason and striking protesters with batons at a rally earlier this month.

Notwithstanding these police punishments, protesters in the nation don’t seem to be deterred from continuing their actions against the administration. The farmer protest organization Agractie is urging people to increase the effect of demonstrations.

Farmers Know Best

The organization’s head, Erik Luiten, rallied individuals actively opposing the green agenda policies intended to reduce nitrogen pollution throughout the European Union, saying “We have to persist with our efforts.”

“They have to happen, whether it be a public-friendly one, as quickly as the Vuelta starts, or actions that are harsher,” he said. Because they are all busy, “sometimes it is requiring as little effort as possible yet with a huge result.”

The group encouraged farmers to block busy highways in the hopes their demonstrations will have a significant influence on the nation.

They want to draw attention to the state’s implementation of the harmful green agenda policies, even if they only manage to rally a small number of farmers.

Such a strategy is similar to that used by numerous farmers, many of whom burned waste and dung on roads around the nation in an effort to disrupt daily life in the EU member state.

Police cracked down hard on the practice, detaining several people who tried it around the nation. Many people who are suspected of participating have been detained for a long time.