Elderly Woman Banned From YMCA For “Disrespecting” Trans Worker

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The left’s disdain for religion and traditional values was no secret.

They’ve made significant progress towards convincing the general public that things just aren’t the way they used to be, even at the cost of disrespecting our nation’s elderly.

An 80-year-old woman from Port Townsend got to experience this “progress” firsthand. She entered the YMCA pool she’d been visiting for the past 35 years, only to be met with a man in the women’s showers.

“Pool” by Mathew Ingram

Traditional values are no more

All this time, Julie Jaman felt the pool was a safe space for her to relax, but now that the whole world’s turned on its head, Julie’s tradition didn’t stand a chance against the new wave of “woke” trend.

Namely, Julie entered the pool’s shower area after a swim, where she was greeted by a naked man standing in dangerous proximity to a number of young girls.

This prompted Julie to act immediately to have him removed from the female-only space.

However, upon asking the man whether he’s got male genitalia, he refused to provide an answer, after which Julie demanded he be removed from the premises.

Unfortunately, things just aren’t what they used to be. Instead of removing the pervert from the women’s showers, the YMCA staff called the police on the elderly woman, banning her from the facility in the process.

“All-gender” bathrooms at the YMCA pool

The police report claims Jaman had an emotional response to a man in a female bathing suit assisting a small child; although the 80-year-old was quick to correct this, stating he was merely watching the young girls undress.

Aside from semantics, this doesn’t change a thing about the fact a biological male was let into the women-only showers, making Jaman’s demands and refusal to leave until the man is also removed perfectly justified.

Things don’t always make sense though. The YMCA pool’s manager, Rowen DeLuna, left a statement regarding the incident, claiming the 80-year-old woman had not abided by their rules and principles.

According to DeLuna, the pool’s rules are aligned with those of Washington state.

In other words, this means that access to segregated spaces must be allowed to all individuals whose gender expression or identity matches the space they’re willing to use.

After being removed from a pool she’d visited for well over three decades, Jaman was disappointed that they’ve adopted these “woke” policies, wondering why there was no sign indicating the women’s shower room is now all-gender.

As it is though, no amount of signage can prepare someone for such a radical change to things they’ve known all their life. This is just the reality, especially when it comes to the trans community’s absurd narrative.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.