End of Title 42 Has Democrats Bickering As They Prepare For a Surge of Immigration

NEW YORK CITY - FEBRUARY 2 2017: Thousands of Yemeni bodega owners closed their stores & rallied with supporters by Borough Hall to oppose President Trump's immigration ban on Yemen.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and City Hall warned on Sunday that 10 to 15 truckloads of asylum seekers might come in the following two days, when Title 42 is lifted.

In a statement to city council members and staff, the Adams office emphasized that NYC’s shelter system was full and asked Gov. Kathy Hochul and Joe Biden for aid.

Need For Aid

Due to the relaxation of Title 42 later this week, City Hall expects a larger number of asylum applicant buses, starting today, with two coaches and 10-15 more in the coming two days.

They’ve lobbied for federal and state help since they can’t handle this situation alone.

After the pandemic-related immigration ban lifts Wednesday, city officials estimate roughly 1,000 new arrivals every week, Adams said. Title 42 permitted Border Patrol to remove unlawful immigrants promptly.

Adams and his office blamed state and federal governments for not giving enough financial aid. New York, a sanctuary state, asked the Federal Emergency Management Office for $1 billion to pay for housing thousands of asylum seekers.

Adams said their calls for help had been disregarded. While the New York federal delegation has frequently lobbied for NYC money, many in Congress — both Democrats and Republicans — have failed to act.

Since the springtime, 31,000 migrants have been transferred to New York and the administration has put 21,400 in shelters. Adams’ spokesperson said more migrants came Sunday.

Adams confessed he was apprehensive about Thursday’s inflow in an “anxious” video conference call last week, The Post said.

Monday and Tuesday, the city council will hold hearings on the problem. Democrats and Republicans criticized DC for abandoning New York.

City Council member Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island) said the president’s failure meant less money for parks, education, hospitals, and everything else.

Title 42

Last Monday, DHS stated the US isn’t equipped to handle the current migration flow or the expected rise in the following weeks and months.

The government projected the southern border might see up to 18,000 more migrants a day, but the most recent total was 7,500.

A rush of migrants at the El Paso crossing led to the border city declaring a state of emergency on Saturday; asylum seekers were forced to fend for themselves in overcrowded shelters.

FEMA was reviewing the city’s federal cash request, which emerged as it faced a $2.9 billion budget deficit.

New York City, June 29, 2018 – Protest march calling on the government to abolish ICE in Lower Manhattan.

Before Title 42 was adopted, over 30,000 migrants were given sanctuary. DHS figures show that 11,840 migrants were accepted the following year.

Title 42 was inadequately applied to Guatemalan, Honduran, El Salvadoran, and Mexican asylum claimants, since Mexico lets the US send them back.

Cubans, Venezuelans, and Nicaraguans were less likely to be affected, due to poor diplomatic ties.

The Biden presidency applied the policy to adults or family members, not solo youngsters. Under US and international law, anybody who enters the country to avoid violence or political oppression can seek refuge.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.