Energy Secretary Provides Critical Update on U.S. Gas Shortages

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Gas shortages in the United States are no joke. Thanks to Biden’s attack on energy independence earlier this year when he shut down Keystone Pipeline, a cyberattack against Colonial pipeline caused massive problems.

The prices of gas have surged to the tune of $7 per gallon. Meanwhile, long lines at gas stations have increased as fewer places have the necessary fuel. Some folks are even resorting to desperate and dangerous measures, such as filling up plastic bags with gas.

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Many Americans want to know when these gas shortages will end. After all, fuel is critical for transportation in this country.

On Friday, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm shared an update in regards to the U.S. gas shortages, Newsmax confirms.

Secretary Granholm on Gas Shortages in the United States

Yesterday, the energy secretary stated that the worst of gas shortages is behind the nation. Per Granholm, the end of this weekend should mark the return of normal service and fuel supply. The energy secretary then claimed that roughly 200 stations each hour are getting service up and running again.

States hit hardest by the gasoline shortage include Georgia, Tennessee, and others. Additional places, such as Florida and Virginia, announced a state of emergency due to the impacts of the Colonial pipeline cyberattack.

This week, Americans learned that Colonial pipeline did, in fact, pay hackers millions of dollars in order to get up and running again. Right now, the nature of this cyberattack remains under investigation; however, there are reports that the hackers are living in Russia.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t necessarily mean the Russian government bears responsibility for the attack against Colonial pipeline.

Energy Independence in the United States

The latest attack against Colonial pipeline is all the more reason why America needs energy independence. Officials are urging folks not to hoard gas; however, people are understandably concerned.

Republican leaders have pointed out that Biden’s attacks against energy independence in the U.S. helped enable the current gas shortage. At this time, nearly half of the East Coast is reliant upon gas from Colonial pipeline; this cyberattack has disrupted the lives of countless Americans, something that the Biden administration is eager to redirect attention from.

Secretary Granholm, in her statements about gas shortages, did not make any mention of energy independence. Nevertheless, the GOP and other Americans are rightfully holding the Biden administration accountable for the present gas shortages and mass panic.

At this time, the president has not signaled that he has any plans to restore Keystone pipeline.

What do you think about the latest news on gas shortages from the energy secretary? Do you believe President Biden opened the door to gas shortages by attacking U.S. energy independence? Let us know in the section for commentary below.