Epstein’s Sicko Sidekick Ghislaine Maxwell Gives First Interview From Jail

In August 2019, accused sex trafficker and abuser Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell. The official reason given was suicide; although doubt has been cast on that cause of death.

In any case, Epstein’s main sidekick over the years was a woman named Ghislaine Maxwell. The two traveled the world to procure and provide young girls to the rich and famous, often engaging in sex parties with them as well.

After trying to flee and hide from authorities, Maxwell was eventually picked up and arrested in rural New Hampshire in July 2020, hiding at a property belonging to her ex-husband Scott Borgerson.

She went to trial and was given 20 years behind bars this past June for trafficking kids for sex. Now, Maxwell is speaking out from jail for the first time since being convicted for these heinous sex crimes.

Maxwell Throws Pity Party for Pedos

Speaking out from jail, Maxwell said she’s especially sad about her close friend Prince Andrew, who she said was framed and didn’t have sex with minors.

One photo in particular showing Andrew with a young lady has numerous signs of being a doctored and fake photograph according to Maxwell.

Since being in jail, Maxwell has been making new friends and is apparently closest with another individual who was convicted of two counts of homicide.

She’s in a very relaxed prison at this point that includes yoga classes and baking time. Opening up about her past, Maxwell said she really “regrets” getting close to Jeffrey Epstein and that she wishes she hadn’t gotten involved with him in any way.

Her latest husband, Scott Borgerson, dumped her over the phone after she entered jail earlier this year.

Maxwell Insists She’s Not a ‘Wicked Witch’

In particular, Maxwell is blaming Epstein for turning her into a “wicked witch” in the media and the public’s eye. She wishes she could go back and stop herself from getting involved with Epstein and his trafficking and sex schemes.

Maybe she should have thought of that during the decades of closely and meticulously helping him with his illegal actions.

Maxwell said her friendship with former President Bill Clinton was “special” and he didn’t deserve to have his reputation hurt by being her friend.

She said she is fond of President Trump and appreciates how he wished her good luck after her arrest. This made her feel a bit better about her situation, she said.

She feels worse for all those who barely even know her but have their lives and reputations tarnished because of their association with her.

Red Alert

Why has nobody on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list been arrested? Why have their names not been released?

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.