EV Production Takes a Hit as Mineral Mining Is Blocked on Federal Land

According to Biden and the rest of his woke team, electric vehicles are the key to fighting climate change. However, they seem to have reached a paradoxical situation; they blocked mineral production, which is crucial for EV production.

The latest ban on mining was imposed on mineral mining complexes in Minnesota, which contain 95% of the US nickel reserves.

Are they trying to be eco-friendly or not?

Other metals are also found in great quantities at these sites. Yet, nickel and copper are integral to EV and lithium-ion battery production, two industries that go hand in hand with one another.

Without access to minerals through these channels, we’ll be reliant on countries with fewer mining or environmental laws to get these materials, which completely defeats the purpose of this “green” movement.

One such country is Congo. Almost 75% of their cobalt mining goes towards the production of electric vehicles and lithium-ion batteries, but there’s a downside that Biden purposely chose to ignore.

As it turns out, the mineral mines in Congo are Chinese-owned. We all know the Chinese are no strangers to child labor, which is very much a thing in the mineral mines as well.

In fact, in the mines alone, over 40,000 children are employed and working for bottom dollar to help these giant companies make a profit. Biden just signed an agreement to keep funding these companies, despite there being no human rights or environmental protections involved.

Project Labor Agreement Nullified

Seems as long as we’re keeping the US out of the picture, any other country is fair game, and it goes in line with how the left usually approaches these things.

Most of their eco-friendly projects only appear that way from the surface, but once you dig deeper in, you’ll find a web of human rights violations, along with extreme neglect for water and land pollution in the countries running their projects.

Naturally, the environmentalists here accepted the announcement with open arms, claiming the move was a huge victory for the Boundary Waters protection. While that does hold true, they’re choosing to ignore the effects this may have on Congo’s water supply.

This will also completely shut down the Twin Metals mining facility near Ely, leaving hundreds of workers without income in what’s turned out to be the worst economic crisis in recent history.

Minnesota Rep. Pete Stauber added the mining ban will leave us completely dependent on Chinese production of the aforementioned metals and minerals, nullifying an agreement with the local building and construction unions.

We’ve got more than enough resources available to us to develop a strong mineral wealth, while also providing union-protected jobs for Americans in the area.

Hey, it’s taxpayer dollars he’s spending, not his own. Biden’s the one calling the shots anyways, so let’s just allow him to run this country into the ground, right?

If the left was as serious about renewable energy as they are about claiming a man in a dress is actually a woman, we may have actually had some development in the past couple of years.

However, without mineral independence, all we’re doing is just running in place.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.