Evidence Being Hidden From J6 Political Prisoners

The events of January 6, 2021 continue to be part of the news even years after they happened. There’s one reason for that: the Democrats have amplified and lied about what happened since day one.

The result is millions of Americans believed a false “insurrection” narrative.

The result is also that many hours of surveillance footage showing the truth about the protests were hidden from political prisoners who should never have gone to jail.

What Does the Footage Show?

As reporter Free State Will explained, thousands of hours of surveillance footage are being kept from the public and political prisoners.

The result is they’re unable to mount a proper defense of themselves except for highly selected and politicized footage. This type of footage may have worked to trick CNN audiences that a bunch of horrible violent people tried to overthrow the government.

Though it fails to reveal the reality of hours of footage showing non-violent individuals just walking around, taking photos, joking, and not committing violence.

J6 political prisoners held without charge deserve that footage to be released so they can go back to their families and stop being held illegally in jail.

The Awful Truth

The awful truth revealed by this footage and more in-depth investigation is the J6 protests stayed completely non-violent until the Nancy Pelosi-backed Capitol police started attacking Trump supporters.

How specifically? Tear gas grenades, rubber bullets, and hitting them as they marched and chanted in front of the Capitol.

Once police started attacking them, that is when we saw some Trump supporters become violent and rowdy. What would you do if your emotional political protest led to you getting sprayed with extremely painful rubber bullets?

What would you do if you saw police throw an old woman down a flight of stairs like Capitol cops did to an elderly MAGA supporter? You’d be angry and you’d react.

The Bottom Line

J6 political prisoners have been held for several years now without trial. This is banana republic insanity. The Biden regime needs to release all the footage and stop playing games.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.