Ex-Con Shoots 6-Year-Old After Sledgehammer Attack Release

An ex-convict in North Carolina shot and wounded a six-year-old girl and her parents because the kid’s basketball jumped into his yard.

It turned out the criminal had been on the loose for a mysterious reason: bashing his girlfriend’s head in with a sledgehammer in December.

Man’s Got Some Criminal Record

In yet another fresh failure of public safety and security in the United States, Robert Singletary, 24, of Gastonia, North Carolina, managed to shoot an entire family, even though he was recently held on a $250,000 bond over a sledgehammer attack.

Singletary was sentenced to prison time in 2017 for assault with a deadly weapon on Halloween 2016 and released in 2020. However, in December 2022, the young individual thought he should bash in his 21-year-old girlfriend’s head with a small sledgehammer.

The resulting arrest led him to be kept in jail; according to various reports, it remains unclear whether he posted the required $250,000 bond or how on earth he was let go out.

In any case, the thug was out. Last week, he managed to get furious over a children’s basketball in his yard, The Gateway Pundit reported, citing local TV station WSOC.

Shooting Family in Their Yard Over Rolling Basketball

Singletary first ran wild in the street, shot another neighbor, and then came back to the yard where several siblings were playing.

He started firing. He shot father William White in the back, as the parent was trying to protect his children by drawing the criminal’s fire towards himself.

Even though the brave father sustained serious injuries and had to be admitted to hospital, that wasn’t enough to make his kids safe.

Singletary’s bullet fragments struck the cheek of six-year-old Kinsley White, while another bullet grazed her mother. Ashley Hilderbrand was chafed by a bullet, but has since returned home.

According to the police in Gaston County, North Carolina, the shooter’s motivation remains unknown; he remains on the loose with a $1,000 reward for any information leading to his capture.

In the TV report, little Kinsley wondered why the ex-con shot at her and her daddy.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.