Exciting! Will Trump Run in 2024?

Former President Trump expects to join the presidential election again in 2024, veteran Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly claimed on Monday.

During an interview on Dan Abrams’ NewsNation prime-time program, O’Reilly alleged the past president contacted him to tell him he intended to run for office again.

Can Trump Do It?

He informed Trump the decision is “excellent,” according to the former Fox News personality. “It’s nice people perceive you from a different perspective, one that isn’t political. You were completely honest. You have faith in the vax.”

When O’Reilly called Trump immediately after a publicity tour in Dallas, he reminded him, “Your government did it, and you should claim credit for it.”

“I’m attempting to persuade President Trump to stand on his achievements. All right, he’s going to be running again,” O’Reilly added. “I told you to run on your record because it’s pretty decent.”

It follows after Trump suggested a run for the presidency in 2024 during his “History Tour” in Florida with Bill O’Reilly on Sunday.

“We won that title and we triumphed even more on the second attempt. Also, it appears we may have to think about it a final time,” Trump said to O’Reilly in front of a raucous audience at the Amway Center.

The trip began on December 11 in Sunrise, Florida, and ended on December 19. When questioned by O’Reilly if Florida Governor Ron DeSantis would be a “potential No. 2” in 2024, Trump remained silent.

“First and foremost, I believe people will be very pleased with what I do,” Trump said, before quickly adding, “He’s [DeSantis] definitely someone I like a lot. I can assure you of that.”

Because of his tough stands against the Biden government’s lockdowns, COVID-19 vaccine requirements, and immigration laws, DeSantis has gained popularity among GOP voters.

Trump Might Just Do It!

Meanwhile, Trump has been hinting at a presidential bid in 2024 for months.

Trump stated he would decide whether or not to run for president again after the 2022 midterms. He also claimed the “extremely intricate” campaign funding procedures and regulations prevented him from announcing his candidacy.

Should Donald Trump run for office again? Personally, Ron DeSantis might be a better pick, as he does not carry any stigma regarding the January 6 incident that unfortunately stained Trump’s presidency.

DeSantis with a strong partner, such as Pompeo, could take America to new heights, continuing Trump’s legacy.

According to RSBN, a recent study found that 67 percent of Republican voters will vote for Trump in a presidential election in 2024.

President Joe Biden plans to compete for re-election in 2024, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki.

“Yes, he is. On Air Force One, she informed reporters, “That’s his goal.” Last month, Biden, America’s oldest leader, became age 79.