Face Masks Now Mandatory in House of Representatives

"3.7.18 Pelosi’s Donation of historic Spe..." (CC BY 2.0) by Speaker Nancy Pelosi

As the nation works to eradicate coronavirus, face coverings continue to dominate cultural conversations.

Democrat politicians are working overtime to promote — and even force — mask-wearing down Americans’ throats. Many Democrats in power, and some Republicans, have already implemented face mask mandates in cities, counties, and states across America.


Now, a new face mask mandate has arrived, only it applies to members of the House of Representatives. According to Fox News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now requiring members of the congressional body to don face coverings during their time on the premises.

What to Know About Mandatory Face Masks in the House of Representatives

Pelosi’s statement on mandatory face masks in the House parrots common talking points. The Speaker maintains that wearing face coverings is a “paramount responsibility” due to the presence of coronavirus. This claim mirrors many other Democrats in Congress who have taken to their social media accounts, demanding Americans to “wear a mask.”

It appears as though the House Speaker also plans to enforce compulsory face coverings for House representatives. In another part of her statement, Pelosi mentioned that she can call upon the Sergeant at Arms to expel congressional members who are not “masked up.”

The face mask requirement for those within the House of Representatives went into effect as of this morning.

Reactions to Mandatory Face Masking in Congress

Some congressional Republicans have supported face mask-wearing, yet stopped short of endorsing mandatory face masks. However, not all GOP congressional members favor masking; certain members have actually attracted censure from Democrats for refusing to fall in line and “mask up.”

Pelosi’s mandate for face masks in the House of Representatives is very new. Ultimately, only time will tell how the ruling is responded to. Since the House remains under the majority control of the Democrats, it is very likely that most members of the body will rally behind the mandate.

Americans, however, are not feeling too great about face mask requirements. Outside of Congress, people are bringing lawsuits against mask mandates while certain police sheriffs are branding mask requirements as unenforceable, hence refusing to uphold them.

What do you think about mandatory face masks? Should officials in the House of Representatives be compelled to cover their faces? Let us know where you stand on the issue of compulsory face coverings in the comments section below!