Facebook Puts Warren in Her Place Following Her Smear Campaign

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Earlier this month, 2020 Democrat Elizabeth Warren took it upon herself to launch a smear campaign against Facebook. Powerhouse News previously covered the extent of Warren’s libelous remarks, coupled with her laughable claims that Facebook has a vested interest in politically aiding President Trump.

This past weekend, Facebook responded to Warren’s claims that they’re a “disinformation-for-machine” and simply “taking the cash” whilst allowing fake news to go unchecked. It’s important to note that Warren herself admitted to “testing” the Facebook ad platform by intentionally publishing lies.

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190105_Warren-26” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Joe Crimmings

Moreover, despite Warren’s claims that Facebook is this terrible, corrupt entity, she continues to benefit from the service and use it to advance her longshot aspirations of becoming the next president of the United States.

Reviewing Facebook’s Response to Warren

When going after Facebook, Warren used Twitter as a platform to deliver her thoughts and Facebook responded in kind. Using the Facebook Newsroom account, the big tech company explained that censoring the speech of presidential candidates is frowned upon by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Facebook then went on to cite evidence showing that messages which favor and oppose impeachment have “dominated broadcast airwaves” within the past week.

See for yourself:

The Response from Warren

Democrats have never allowed data, facts, truth, or logic to get in the way of their own narratives; Warren is certainly no exception to this rule. Following the response from Facebook, the 2020 Democrat actually doubled down on her anti-Facebook smear campaign.

Essentially, Warren declared that Facebook is simply “proving her point” and “taking money to promote lies.” The 2020 Democrat then questioned why Facebook “changed” their policies.

Here’s the truth of the matter: Elizabeth Warren wants Facebook to censor content which she doesn’t like. This is what many Democrats, and especially progressives, want. Notice, in Warren’s previous remarks about Facebook, she complained about the company allowing ads from President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign.

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Elizabeth Warren” (CC BY 2.0) by marcn

Like other Democrats, Warren knows that if she is the one to win the Democrat nomination and face President Trump in a general election, she will be massively defeated. The only advantage which Democrats can try to gain now is censorship of their opponents. Last-ditch attempts to impeach Trump are additional indicators of how much Democrats fear the idea of facing the president in 2020.

It’s actually quite sad that a majority political party in the United States has fallen so far.

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