Far Left Education Policies are Being Pushed Into the Schools Nationwide

"school bus" by woodleywonderworks is licensed under CC BY 2.0

The education system should never be captured by a single political entity. Once this happens they can push their agenda, no matter how destructive, with little to no restriction. 

“Education Smart Board” by queensu is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The situation now is that the teachers’ unions and officials are all pushing woke left policies across the entire United States with nothing to stop them. They are also indoctrinating kids with the idea that universal health care is good and anti-racism policies should be the norm.

There is nothing wrong with teaching kids that racism is bad, it is bad; what they do is far more sinister, though. It’s not anti-racism, it’s anti-white critical race theory.

What is Critical Race Theory?

What is critical race theory? It began in the early 1970s with the writings of Derrick Bell, the first African American civil rights lawyer and first Black to teach at Harvard Law School. Critical race theory centers around five major tenets, pertaining to social and economic justice taking into consideration race and so-called institutionalized racism.

Former President Trump said it is a Marxist doctrine that says even young children are complicit in oppression and society must be therefore be totally transformed. Trump launched a program called 1776 that taught children the importance of American history and freedom. 

What are the dangers of critical race theory?

Critical Race Theory believes racism is present in every aspect of life, all relationships, every interaction, every community, and the workplace.

As a result, its pundits look for it everywhere; critical race theory advocates then attack the methods for readdressing the past because they assume white people only give opportunities to black people that lie within their own interests.

Critical Race Theory is against and wants to dismantle free society. They wish to see a system with greater state control where the individual doesn’t exist and only groups exist.
All other systems that promote inclusivity are all forms of racism and must be destroyed.

According to Critical Race Theory, science, reason, and evidence are tools of the whites. Storytelling and lived experience is a black alternative. According to the theory, modern science was greatly produced by white men or western culture; as a result, it must be seen as a tool of white dominance.

Critical Race Theory in public education

Public schools and other educational institutions around the United States are pushing CRT on unsuspecting students. On college campuses, those protesting the death of George Floyd are already firm believers in this theory.

Many parents are have been concerned that this ideology would make its way into their child’s institution of education. Most believe that this kind of education can be damaging to the development of their children because it implants the idea that every person with white skin should be seen as an oppressor; the guilt that would follow could be immensely damaging.