Far-left Teacher Uses Constitution to Brainwash Kids into Communist Agenda

As insane far-leftism seems to be increasingly running rampant and berserk across the nation these days, one weird case in Texas sparked controversy.

A leftist elementary school teacher was rebuked by her superiors for teaching her students their “constitutional and legal rights,” but she might be using those in order to promote the far-left agenda.

Communist Teacher Plays the Victim

The above-mentioned case in Austin, Texas is scandalous, as it makes people wonder how it could be a bad thing if American children were learning their rights under the American Constitution.

Yet, the case appears to be more complex than that. It seems that Sophie Marie, who teaches the third grade, may have been using “constitutional rights” in order to push the far-left agenda upon her students.

Marie spoke out in a video posted on TikTok (the teacher’s usage of the platform is telling enough since it is owned and used by Communist China to spy on the US and brainwash American teens).

She claims she was called by the school management and scolded over a bunch of concerns, including the fact she was telling third-graders about their “legal and constitutional rights,” InTheKnow reported.

Marie also wrote that she was “concerned” by the fact her school’s management was “concerned” that third-grade students might know their rights under the US Constitution.


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Turns Out the Teacher is Not the Victim

The TikTok video partly reveals a document given to her by her administrator, showing the instructor was “teaching” third-grade kids bizarre practices, such as protesting, as a constitutional right.

It seems like Marie might be doing what many lefties are doing: using the Constitution to promote the same ideology that would ultimately love to destroy it.

The teacher states on social media that she is an abortion advocate and “queer until proven straight.” She uses her social media profiles to promote events such as the Queer Capitol March and to comment on Texas legislation.

On her Instagram, she declares she doesn’t have a choice “but to be political” because “life is depending” on that.

Once that is known, it becomes clear who the real victim is in that case – and it is not the communist teacher, but her poor third-grade students.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.