Fauci Lied to President Trump!

Dr. Anthony Fauci allegedly deceived the Trump administration on gain-of-function studies in China. This is according to a recent book by an Australian journalist who investigates these sorts of matters.

His Credibility is Gone

Fauci’s public image as a careful, meticulous healthcare practitioner is refuted by his pivotal role in reviving extremely risky gain-of-function studies in China.

This comes following the Obama administration’s ban, as well as Fauci’s financing of coronavirus studies in dangerous Chinese research labs. Sharri Markson’s recent book, What Really Happened In Wuhan, describes the facilities that intelligence agencies believe may have launched the epidemic.

Fauci attempted to persuade former White House aide Mark Meadows to restore financing for a study project in China that was operated by an organization called EcoHealth Alliance. After ten years of research on bats in China to detect coronaviruses, financing to EcoHealth was abruptly cut off last year.

“It’s down to you, Tony, to bring it up with the supervisor. Meadows is the one who makes the decisions.”

As per snippets from the book analyzed by Fox News, Health & Human Services Secretary Alex Azar tried to tell Fauci the above after Fauci made complaints about the funds being abruptly terminated.

America Funded the Research

It became apparent this non-profit group was funding gain-of-function studies on bat coronaviruses in the very same city in which the epidemic started. However, Fauci had “no reservations” meeting with Meadows to try to reverse the EcoHealth judgment.

“Sources acquainted with Fauci’s allegation say he established a claim based on the absence of procedure, instead of any close connection with Daszak,” the book says, alluding to Peter Daszak, the chairman of EcoHealth Alliance.

In 2014, former President Obama halted publicly funded gain-of-function studies. However, the National Institutes of Health overturned the prohibition in 2017.

According to the publication, NIH head Francis Collins established a partnership with the Chinese National Academy of Military Science in 2015. He also shared a picture of himself with the School of Military Sciences president the same year.

According to the book, Collins emailed Fauci in April 2020, claiming any accusations of a virus release in the lab were a hoax. The message was headlined ‘theory gaining momentum.’

In this message was a hyperlink to Fox News’ Bret Baier’s on-air statements that multiple reports told him the disease may have started in a Wuhan lab before leaving accidentally. Maybe the NIH leadership saw this as a harmless international collaboration.

If that’s the case, this was naive. The US was fully aware of the dangers associated with the type of dual-use study that Xi Jinping was conducting. The health, science, and defense communities just seem blind to these real national security and biosecurity risks, as well as China’s brazen theft of American IP rights.