FBI Makes Disturbing Amateur Mistake in J6 Probe

The events of January 6, 2021 have been a focus of the Democrat Party and the left ever since they happened.

Despite serious questions that still remain about why President Trump’s request for the National Guard was ignored, the public has heard nothing but hype about supposedly evil conservatives.

If this was just talk from the media, that would be one thing, but it’s also action. It’s the whole federal government and agencies like the FBI swinging into gear against the America First movement.

Recently we’ve watched participants in the protests get handed heavy sentences for gesturing at police or taking a selfie inside the Capitol. Though this latest event out of New Jersey is so bizarre it is beyond belief.

FBI Threatens Trump Supporter Who Wasn’t Even At J6

Trump supporter Lisa Gallagher has never been shy about supporting 45. She likes Trump and she’s a Republican. She posts it online and has a sign on her lawn.

Though she never attended the protests on January 6 and she’s a law-abiding citizen in all respects.

That didn’t stop her from a rude wake-up the day after Biden’s recent red-lit Philadelphia speech where he screeched about “democracy” and hunting down “MAGA Republican” enemies of the state.

Three armed FBI agents showed up at Gallagher’s door, hammering on it for her to come out.

It’s clear they were escalating efforts to nab “ultra MAGA” types who could have been involved with J6. The thing is Gallagher wasn’t involved in any way.

This is a very disturbing escalation of the progressive police state. Gallagher admits she was the most “scared” she’s ever been in her life.

How would you feel if three armed federal agents woke you up at your front door without warning? Probably not great!

Gallagher Reveals Chilling Details

Appearing on Tucker Carlson yesterday, Gallagher opened up about the harrowing experience.

She said she’d been watching Biden’s bizarre Philly speech the night previously. When the agents came to her door, she immediately realized she was being politically persecuted.

Somebody supposedly told the feds Gallagher participated in the violent events of J6. She asked the agents inside and proved to them she wasn’t there or participating in any way.

With all the advanced facial recognition and monitoring of those days and they just made an honest mistake? There are really only two options here and they’re extremely disturbing in their own way.

Firstly, the FBI legitimately believed an incorrect tip and used it to scare the living daylights out of an innocent woman who committed no crime.

Secondly, the FBI didn’t care if the tip was true and just wanted to check a box in harassing and scaring the crap out of a Trump supporter.

The Bottom Line

America’s progressive Biden regime is reaching police state levels. All citizens need to be on high alert.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.